Why is Six Sigma a good career option?

Six Sigma certification is a good option for a corporate profile to add to your profile. The blog is about the top 10 six sigma certification in Arizona. Six sigma certification holds a lot of value; enhanced skills in critical thinking, team-working and problem-solving ensures better income opportunities. Six Sigma training makes you a valuable asset to your company. Today, many companies are looking out for trained potential candidates to fill their vacancies.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training

Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by Business Standard

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Six Sigma is a quality control process that has been adopted by large companies such as Motorola and General Electric. The six sigma concept is based upon 99.99966% effectiveness of the water filter developed by Gerald A. Weinberg, who found that almost 7,000 out of 10,000 filters manufactured were defective. The problem is resolved by dividing the manufacturing into six stages.

Six Sigma is a quality management methodology that helps in reducing process variation and controlling defects. The certification program will enhance your critical thinking, team-working, and problem-solving skills. It enhances your hiring prospects.

Six Sigma certification in Arizona is a professional qualification for anyone engaged in critical thinking, team-working and problem-solving. Its education enhances the skills required to meet industry standards. Six sigma certification in Arizona provides a deeper understanding of methods and tools used in project management to optimize business processes.

Six Sigma techniques are used by leading companies, which have reduced production time and costs. Six Sigma training is an intensive program designed to get you up to speed on some of the most effective techniques used by professionals.

So, Let’s know about Top Six Sigma Certification in Arizona-

1. Henry Harvin

Initially, the institute was originally established in India, and it provides one-year training and accreditation to the students on industrial training. Tutors who leading companies like Deloitte and Fidelity highly prefer are available to guide the students under the leadership of Mr. Henry Harvin. The 1-year program includes as many as 12 different projects, which assist the students in gaining more knowledge over the area that they specialize in Industrial Training.

Henry Harvin has made a name for itself globally as an institute that has pioneered approaches to assessments and training. Having originated in India and has spread its roots throughout the globe, Henry Harvin is an industrial training institute that provides the training needed by one and all to climb up the ladder of success.

The foundation of Henry Harvin and education is rooted in the principles of industrial training, with skill development being a key, important part of our legacy. The value we attribute to this principle can be realized through our courses in Six Sigma Certification in Arizona

-Henry Harvin and Education, which will prepare you for professional consulting assignments.

Six Sigma Course includes:-

Six Sigma Black Belt Course

Organizations seek Six Sigma training to stay on pace with evolving competition and benefit operational effectiveness, cutting costs and product quality. Henry Harvin offers an advanced Six Sigma certification in Arizona program to help you achieve the proficiency of Black Belt in Six Sigma Process. We provide online Six Sigma Video Training, which helps professionals achieve Six Sigma Black Belt Certification easily.

Six Sigma Green Belt Course

Henry Harvin offers the best Six Sigma Green Belt course in Arizona, covering theory, project and statistics. Henry Harvin helps you become a better problem-solver, process improvement, and establish a team culture for continuous improvement. Henry Harvin provides Six Sigma Green Belt certified training by having hands-on experience, simulation exercises and live projects.

Master Black Belt

Master Black Belt certification will help you showcase your abilities as a black belt. This activity also helps you to establish your career and builds self-esteem. 

Henry Harvin is an education expert that helps learners meet their objectives as a professional in Six Sigma educational courses. Harvin has years of experience and has helped thousands of people accomplish their goals by providing high-quality educational programs.

PG Program in Lean Six Sigma

The Lean Six Sigma Postgraduate Program offered by Henry Harvin is a bundle of different programs, including certification, training, and self-development. Henry Harvin presents a comprehensive program for achieving optimum business performances from quality management to process management, lean quality to operational excellence. As a part of this program, the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification recognizes the qualification and experience in today’s competitive corporate world.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training

Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by Business Standard and Tribune India

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Six Sigma Certification also visit in other states:

Texas, New York, Connecticut, Indiana, Georgia, Ohio

2. Simplilearn

This Six Sigma training course is a management program that offers you a proven approach for maximizing value and quality in any business. It includes three certification programs: Lean Management, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Six Sigma Black Belt. In the Lean Management course, you will learn to optimize end-to-end processes to increase quality and drive maximum value in any business. 

The next stage is Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, which explains Lean Six Sigma principles, which is to implement quality projects and specific industry applications, including using Minitab for effective statistical analysis for projects. You’ll learn project management skills and techniques using the DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve and control) problem-solving method to prevent or resolve defects. You’ll master tools like process mapping and flowcharting and hone your group facilitation skills as you prepare for the Green Belt exam.

This Lean Six Sigma Expert Masters Certification Training Course is delivered by Simplilearn – a pioneer in IT and Business skills training. This Lean Six Sigma expert master’s certification training course will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to master the principles of Lean and Six Sigma and implement quality projects. The first stage deals with Lean Analysis & Project Management, Green Belt Concepts and their application, Minitab Tools, Statistical Process Control System (SPC) and more on the DMAIC approach.

These three courses of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification combined in one package will give you an in-depth understanding of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt skills. Additionally, you will receive numerous hands-on examples of applying Lean Six Sigma tools, such as Minitab, in various business settings. Thanks to our instructors and highly qualified team at Simple Learn, you will be able to master the tools you need quickly.


The training is worth 16 PDUs and consists of 2 days intensive course. Six Sigma Black Belt professionals lead the Green Belt training program. This course provides a thorough understanding of process improvement initiatives to strategize daily work and improve efficiency. The Green Belt certification can lead to accelerated career advancement, increased potential to earn higher wages and productivity gains up to 22%.

Becoming a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is a step forward for leaders and change agents who want to achieve dramatic improvements in business performance. However, it does require a greater degree of knowledge and skill than the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt level. It is the best way to leverage your existing knowledge and experience with Lean Six Sigma; TÜV SÜD’s Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training course is the perfect way to further recognition or certification in this field.

TUD is the only Six Sigma Academy offering Lean Six Sigma certification in Arizona and the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training program in different cities across the US, Canada, Middle East, Africa and Europe. Experts design our Lean Six Sigma workshops to collaborate with customers to meet real-world needs. With 100+ workshops delivered globally, TUD is well-recognized by industry giants such as The Walt Disney Company, Microsoft, Picolight and many more.  

TÜV SÜD’s Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate is based on the latest version, 1.3.x, of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge. As a result, the Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate will be awarded for having passed only one examination in one language, irrespective of nationality and location of the examination seat.

4. Grey Campus (Six Sigma Certification in Arizona)

GreyCampus is a global leader in Six Sigma certification training. The best practices applied to thousands of companies worldwide are brought together and delivered via one source to a wide range of industries, helping them improve their performance, win new customers and obtain top-grade products and services by embracing the Six Sigma management approach.

Grey Campus offers the most comprehensive and advanced Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma training for individuals who are willing to succeed in their careers, organizations and companies across the globe. Our training courses are taught by certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and Green Belt professionals – experienced designers, assessors, testers & coaches. The instructors at Grey Campus are some of the most knowledgeable Lean Six Sigma Faculty in North America with at least ten years of experience in Lean Six Sigma & Six Sigma process improvement.

Purchase Online Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma training from GreyCampus. 100% Quality Assurance and virtual Campus expedite your way to success. Contact for more information about the packages and offerings for your individual needs.

5. Six Sigma Institute

Six Sigma USA is the place for Six Sigma Training and Certification. After years of studying, experimenting and training employees with the Six Sigma methodology, Six Sigma Institute has become a global leader in providing effective and affordable six sigma course training and certification. Six Sigma White Belt: As the first step in a Six Sigma career, the White Belt is designed to teach, change your organization and ultimately improve its bottom-line results. It is an essential foundation for those who want to help companies become more competitive.

Six Sigma certifications are awarded to individuals in several different tiers, and each has its meaning. The course will train you in the basics of all six sigma certification in Arizona. Upon completion of all three tiers, certification is given, with applicants achieving Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt certification recognized for demonstrating proficiency at each level.

The packages they offer areas:-

White Belt training- 99 USD

Yellow belt training – 199 USD

Green belt training along with certification – 995 USD (695 only for training)

Black belt training along certification – 1495 USD (995 Only for training)

6. Certification Planner

Join the Biggest Growing Organization in Arizona and learn how to achieve Six Sigma Certified Green Belt and Black Belt. Learn from The World of Six Sigma experts with a certification planner. The intensive instructor-led Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification program is designed to comprehensively teach green belt level tools and their application in discrete business processes, emphasizing the integration of the DMAIC problem-solving methodology used in various quality management systems as Six Sigma.

The instructor-led training includes introducing the Six Sigma methodologies and relevant tools that you can use effectively across all industries. IASSC offers an extensive range of training delivery options, including classroom training, instructor-led e-learning, and self-study materials.


The IASSC Accreditation Program will recognize the competence and experience of a Six Sigma Professional by awarding that individual LSSGB or LSSBB – Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt. There are numerous other certifications currently in the marketplace. It would help determine which certification is designed to ensure that you receive professional training from an accredited provider. Look for a provider who has earned our World Recognized Accreditation.

Providers who fulfill strict requirements, demonstrated by documented performance and adherence to best practices developed over many years, become Accredited by IASSC. The Accreditation Criteria ensures that providers will deliver a consistently high-quality training experience while recognizing the provider’s commitment to quality at all levels of the operation and support system.

An IASSC Accredited Provider is a world-recognized brand that completes our rigorous 3 Year Accreditation process. You will not just get joined to a course but be part of a supportive community that helps you through your process of learning and improving quality in your organization. 

8. FIU Business (Six Sigma Certification in Arizona)

Looking to advance your career or take it in a new direction? Enroll in an EEP ( Executive Education Program) offering today and learn how you can gain the skills necessary to become eligible for membership into one of the six most prestigious professional engineering societies in the world. The program provides the fundamental knowledge of Lean Six Sigma techniques and practices to apply these techniques to a broad range of projects effectively. Lean Six Sigma is considered a powerful management tool that can greatly improve an organization’s performance by providing a structured approach to resolving problems. This methodology, known as the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) cycle, helps identify and solve problems systematically. Learn how to effectively use problem-solving skills for operational improvements in any sized organization.

FIU College of Business’ Lean Six Sigma Certification in Arizona Program will prepare you to lead organizations implementing Lean and Six Sigma processes in their business practices. You will learn the basics of both approaches, explore how they can be applied to business, and then put these theories into practice by leading a team in a project-based Lean Six Sigma case study that uses real business data. The course is taught by an experienced member of FIU’s Lean Six Sigma black belt faculty.

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Course is based on the DMAIC Methodology. It covers the skills necessary to improve processes in Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Service, Healthcare, IT and other industries. Additionally, participants gain coaching opportunities with a Master Black Belt and mentoring support from FIU’s highly-qualified network of professionals in industries such as logistics, telecommunications and retail.

9. MSI (Management and Strategy Institute)

Training and certification with Six Sigma methodology are vital to any company that wants to improve its processes. Using proven strategies, tools, and statistical methodologies, this process improvement methodology helps companies that want to improve their processes, increase customer understanding and satisfaction, reduce waste, and increase the return on investment.

Process improvement methodologies can be a complicated and challenging subject. It is why MSI has set up these easy-to-use guidelines on finding accredited Six Sigma training in your area. Our staff of experts can help match your unique needs with the best solution for learning before moving on to certification.

MSI is a leading provider of Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma education. They offer free, official Lean Six Sigma Training in the form of our on-demand video platform, along with a wide range of short and long-form video training and certification programs in the Six Sigma methodology. Our LS SWB and Lean Black Belt (LBB) programs are offered as private training events at user-requested locations and delivered via classroom or virtual instructor-led online.

 MSI provides several Six Sigma Certifications in Arizona to clients. These certificates include Six Sigma Green Belt Certified, Six Sigma Lean Green Belt Certified and Six Sigma Lean belt in Healthcare (LGBH). These certificates are specifically designed by the Milwaukee School of Engineering and India for our clients to provide the best education to them. The MS & India offers the course in an easy-to-understand language with the help of videos, lectures, case studies, online discussions etc. We also offer training support throughout your education and career by providing you with a learners portal to ask questions or submit project ideas.

10. ASQ (American Society for Quality)

The American Society for Quality was founded in 1946 and had members in over 100 countries. It offers certification and training in management, foundational quality, inspector/technician, engineering, and auditing. In addition to its Yellow Belt certification for practitioners at entry-level, ASQ offers Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt, and auditor certifications. These are higher-level certifications that require a significant amount of work and experience. Certification is offered in three formats: self-paced online, live virtual classroom; or live instructor-led classroom training. After getting a quality understanding of Six Sigma, the individual will be prepared to take the certification exam. The exam can be taken online or in a classroom. It is an open book exam, so it’s important to know your material well before taking it. The ASQ ensures that certification holders are knowledgeable in their field and have the global recognition to prove it. The ASQ is widely lauded as the “gold standard” in quality assurance and business process management, and its Six Sigma program is designed to develop experts in statistical methods. In addition to training, ASQ offers a wide selection of exams for individuals at all levels, from entry-level to the president.

Certification is an ongoing process. With requirements, including experience with similar processes, and the exam, you will gain a deeper understanding of Six Sigma. The different levels of certification test the different aspects of this process management idea. The ASQ offers three different levels of the certificate, each with its designation and color.


Looking for a Six Sigma certification in Arizona that yields consistent results? We’ve put together this list of the current ten best options available. The most important attributes to look at when choosing a training provider are flexibility, reputation, cost, and certification success rates. Six Sigma is a data-driven approach to problem-solving that originated at Motorola in 1983 and has since become the global leader in quality management. Our evaluation criteria for the best Six Sigma certification providers in Arizona included: quality & flexibility of course offerings, the experience of instructors, price, recognition of certifications and ease of application, and critical research on customer satisfaction, success rates, and success stories.

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What do we have in the self-paced mode of the Six Sigma Certification in Arizona course? 

As trainees, in the self-paced mode of Six Sigma certification in Arizona, you will receive a lifetime’s worth of support and access to the best modules by Henry Harvin. You will get materials, e-books, and resources curated by the best professionals during the training. In the self-paced mode, the trainees will get optimum assistance from the professionals at the platform with their own convenience of learning. 

What is the duration of the Six Sigma Certification in Arizona course at Henry Harvin?

The duration of this six sigma certification course at Henry Harvin is 28 hours. 

What happens in the bootcamps of six sigma certification in the Arizona course at Henry Harvin? 

In the bootcamps, the trainees will get exposure to additional knowledge and training by various guest faculty at Henry Harvin to help you get a better understanding of the working of the industry. 

Will I be able to access project opportunities and assistance through Henry Harvin after the completion of the Six Sigma Certification in Arizona?

All the major project assistance and opportunities from the experts of Henry Harvin can only be accessed during the six sigma training course. However, one will keep receiving the job opportunities from the platform of Henry Harvin for one whole year, post completion of the certification.

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