There is always a rise and fall in the ad agencies’ rate as the digital marketing challenges are many. There are many agencies taking birth every single day, with no proper directions. These agencies are mostly of the digital marketing field.

These are agencies that are well- maintained these agencies are not expensive companies. The local agencies are catering to small businesses.

These are usually the startup companies they have to think of strategies so that investors are convinced to invest in their time in the agency and digital marketing challenges are mitigated. 

Here are some digital marketing challenges that agency owners usually face:

#1 Client Retention and Client winning

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Winning a client is the biggest challenge. We have to modify our business strategies. But there many competitions like markets in Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow, but markets in Chennai and Hyderabad don’t have the quality of products. 

Startup companies just want to gain experience but they don’t know how to convince the customers to buy the product.

If the company may modify the changes in the product then customer retention is possible. for maximizing consumer retention you need to reduce the prices of your prices of the product.

The company must know what is the customer’s requirement. customer retention may also affect profitability.

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A client may be there in the organization for  3years and then may think of moving out. And after moving out they may join another agency to get knowledge of the market research department.

A client may find better opportunities in another organization and may earn more than the former organization.  

Ask for Hike and Face the Consequences: if a small firm employees ask for a salary hike they may get their half salary as firms are small business organizations they have less capital invested.

The employees have to find an alternative to solve the problem by convincing the big company owners to invest in their companies.

Otherwise, the company may have a low-profit margin. There is a team holding the accounts of employees. Creating a loyal customer.

Consumer retention starts with the first communication with consumer and it turns for life- long. There Are various consequences:

  • Time your request: your boss has a limited power so asking for raise will have some consequences. Many managers need approval from the organization. You can an additional work to your goal.
  • Know what your work is worth.

It is our responsibility for what is important for us. We need unearth powers within us. No one gives us power.

We have the power of nurturing our qualities like self- awareness, self- confidence the power is within us and we need to nurture our powers to establish ourselves. Self- awareness is the most important factor needed in an organization.

  • We know why we value your job description: a job description gives clear guidance on the experience of your reminds you of your duties and responsibilities. The job description may tell you of the merits on which you are selected. The job description tells about the agencies which choose candidates over the job description.
  • You have to make decisions that benefit the boss, company, and colleagues. : if you are the manager of the company you may have to take important decisions of the company by conducting a meeting for your marketing head and the subordinates explain that how would you increase the marketing skills of the company.
  • You may have feared discussions.

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Factors that influence your company’s future success

  1. Know what your work is worth: employees ask more money from their organization as your right and as a need for their expenses. The employer must know about the market helps to make a difference in your team, your boss, and organization. The list boosts your confidence.
  2. Talk about future goals: whenever you schedule a meeting with your boss to talk about the future ahead and don’t make a mistake of talking about future financial status. Just say that you want to establish an organization in the future. Talk about challenges you are ready to face and how well are you prepared for them and talk about what you are expecting to achieve in the future.
  3. Communicate wins and efforts through stories: you have to talk about how will you take up teaches how to approach work soon. We have the tendency to highlight the wins. It guides how to find jobs in the future. so communicate the entire story. It not only shows the behavior of the boss but also shows the future expectations of approaching jobs.

#2. New Marketing Head Doesn’t Like You At All

You try to give ideas on how you may run your firm but the marketing head may have disagreements with you on certain points which may put the firm in trouble.

The new manager may think of ending the loopholes which are the hurdles in the company management. THE NEW MARKETING HEAD WILL NOT agree with your point of view.  The new marketing does not agree with your point. 

They have a bad impression of your company. They may not easily trust you. The marketing head doesn’t include you in the company’s decision. 

They can’t make eye- contact with you.

They have a trust fall with your company. To please them, you may try various techniques like impress them with your marketing skills, make presentations which the marketing head would like if the professional pleasing doesn’t work try commercial ones like invite them for a function like naming ceremony.

Think of some innovative ideas and suggest your marketing head but please your marketing head to invest in your company. You must not have any shortcomings in your business.

#3. The Changing Landscape of Digital

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As the digital world is growing rapidly it is difficult for many agencies to keep their pace with a rapidly growing digital environment. 

Digital trends change overnight and among serious digital marketing challenges. They work a little slow but we may get clients for our company as time passes.

The landscape has changed over the past 5 years. To compete with digital marketing competitions your company needs to be multi-tasking.

#4. Your customers are mobile

Business organizations take more interest in your website than the customers. Customers may have fast access to information.

Customers have access to the information. Content is king: failing which poses digital marketing challenges as strong and relevant information sells. Customers look at organic content.

#5. Unrealistic Indian Client Expectations

Viral video: this is mostly heard by all the advertising agencies. As they want their products to be posted on social media sites. The clients in this sometimes don’t pay attention to the company.

The company gives favors to the investors by inviting them to some family functions, inviting them for dinner in restaurants, and convince them to invest in your firm.  Clients at times make changes lightly.

They have requests for various occasions. We do not put fees with favors. The clients may give the company unrealistic deadlines to complete their reports and face digital marketing challenges.

# 6. Clients payments

The owners must raise the bill on time for the firms so that their payments are given. But the mistake of the owners of the company is that they sign an agreement for the payment of employees. An ideal agency would raise the bill on time and the employee may get the record of the bill.

Client’s payments are the core of a client and business firm relationship. If the firm’s payments are not given on time then no other company would work with them.

Client payments are achieved by maintaining great client relationships. Companies have to extract exact money.  Clients may have a misconception.

#7. Offers for recruiting payment option

Use cards for Facebook advertisements the company uses their cards. Raising bills to reverse sales tax payments, property agreements.

This ensures that your money has gone into the right hands. You take advance payments from your clients this ensures a business relationship.

When you create your Facebook ad there is always a payment option which tells how are going to pay the bill if you try setting up FB ads on manual payment setup you need to pay the bills manually there is a prepaid option on your Fb ads page this means you have added money on Facebook pre- paid account.

As you advertise your product on Facebook your money may get deducted on every Facebook ad you post.

The manual payment option has certain terms and conditions it has to have the details of your country’s location details. There is a table that shows each currency and method used by each country. 



Payment method





Bank transfer



Cash on delivery

Cash on delivery




QR codes



Brank transfers

Net banking


#8. Lack of talent

Talent is the biggest problem in the digital marketing industry. The experienced agencies don’t mix up with that are weak in their marketing sense.

They will take more years to become a digital marketer. Most of the agencies arrange an internship program.

They provide employment opportunities. The biggest digital marketing is that there is a lack of talent in the employees.  

  • Hiring is harder: digital marketing challenges are advancing the technological gaps.there is a huge need for digital talent. Managers learn more about the skills required for digital marketing. This leads to misinterpretation which leads to the wrong person getting the wrong job. Hiring a person has to be done based on the qualification of the employee. New knowledge is required to upskill qualification and get the job.
  • Employers must upskill their workforce: due to lack of training skills employers must develop the organization. The main key element is to provide training in the industry. They provide a cost-effective training center.
  • The Fear of Technology Taking Over: technology can be good as well as bad. The rise of artificial intelligence had developed may new technologies.
  • Recruitment issue: the marketers focus on recruitment issues for their company and there may be also financial issues they work on emphasis on recruitment.
  • Future  success issues: 
  • Trust issues: the organization teaches how to live up to the company values. You have created a reputation where the company and clients know that they can depend on you.
  • Decisiveness: learn to take decisions on your own don’t wait for the last verdict. If the data is incorrect then you can correct it rather than waiting for the right data to come. The right answer should not come late.
  • Competition. : For entering a market competition you must know about the competitor’s tactics to enter the market. You have to know what is going on in the competitors’ minds.  You don’t have to always guard off.
  • Records: good records help you store your ideas it helps in begin your credibility and they ask for proof for your points. When the facts are not clear. This applies to finances for which the organization is responsible.
  • Network: building relationships with other companies is the main motive of the network. Your network is a source of ideas and built it up. Make sure you meet new people who can help you and make sure you are available to return the favors.
  • Patience: you should have the patience for your increment process. Overnight sensations take a year’s effort to establish their names. You should establish your career by slow success by taking certain efforts. Slow success builds a person’s confidence and reduces risk.
  • Optimism: you must develop a positive attitude about future company complications and how to tackle the situations 

#9. Rising Attrition

Instagram is filled with millennial people and the millennial mindset  85% challenge is in choosing real talent causing crucial digital marketing challenges. There is still a lack of talent in the firms.

Attrition is one of the biggest problems in digital marketing. Attrition means a reduction in staff members. It also refers to the resignation of employees, reduction in salaries of employees.

Attrition is a period where employees may resign. This type of reduction in staff members is called a hiring freeze.

If the employees don’t obey the rules they have to resign. Attrition means reducing the customer base. 

  • Attrition is a stage where an employee resigns or retired but are not replaced. Attrition is a process in which the workplace diminishes.
  • Attrition is found when the company fails to cope with business.  Car trends are an example of attrition as car trends. The company may try to retain old customers.
  • Sometimes you don’t follow company morale.
  • It can also limit promotional activities. That may lead to an unhappy workplace.
  • When the company fails to adopt customer’s needs it means customer attrition.
  • An old car brand failed to capture the audience’s attention.
  • Attribution loses customer base older consumer newer customers are opting in.

#10. Scaling up an Agency

Everyone thinks to scale up means upgrading your organization but it is a misconception so they don’t have the idea of what is scaling.

  • Scaling doesn’t mean to give a new name to the company.
  • It tells about the growth of a company from a startup company.
  • There is a thin line between startup agencies and firms. 
  • They sign a contract with another company. 
  • You shouldn’t think of doing big because this may affect the client’s requirements. 
  • Your company increases the price of a product to attract consumers. But increasing your prices may affect your business.
  • promotional activities are reduced and movements are reduced within the company.
  • Increase your price:  agencies may charge more money for advertising the company. Ad agencies in the fear of losing their clients may increase the price of their goods. 

As the market enlarges your interest in working grows as you want your company to grow profit.

We need to draw a line and perfectly manage our professional life and our life balance. If you judge your clients too quickly you may lose the job.

#11. Maintaining Employee Culture

This is vital among the digital marketing challenges. As an employee, you need to maintain a good rapport in the organization for that you have to learn teamwork aspect you must be ready to take up any responsibility be hardworking.

As long as the employee performs well they don’t have to worry about the job done.  For working efficiently you need to work with your team and solve problems.

Temporary price changes may affect the marginal utility of the product.

Track time accurately: along with increasing prices yo need to find out why they are losing money.

Overpowering agencies and overconfident employees lose agencies’ money all the is tough to find out who is wasting your money. You can find out where you are losing. Measure time using the timer.

You can add timer manually by entering dates and times. There are various devices like manual and automatic time trackers.

Manual time trackers in manual trackers are to start working. In automatic working and it makes changes in the background. Both types have their uses. 

#12. Automatic time tracker

  1. An automatic time tracker shows how you do things without lifting your finger. This helps in tracking how much time you spend on the internet.
  2. Automatic time tracker tells you about how to cut time on social media.
  3. The automatic tracker tells about how much time spent on your social media account. And some non- productive activity.

Manual tracking device by calculating working hours

How to use an automatic time tracker?

Start the timer for the beginning of your workday:

  1. If you don’t remember to start a timer at the beginning of the day you may set the timer to automation mode.
  2. You are running late then there is an option of running time this may help you save time and do your work assigned.
  3. In the same way, you can stop the timer also as your work is done.

Track how much time you spent oversleeping:

You can track how much time you have passed by sleeping you can set a timer and the alarm rings you can switch the alarm off. use sleeping in feature it can track how much time you have slept.

  • Sync new projects and clients between apps
  • You have to create a new client and new projects
  • Start the timer when the meeting starts 

You may have an office meeting in this feature you can track how many hours you spent in the meeting. You can set timers for the upcoming meetings.

In case your meeting gets canceled you can delete the reminder. You can go to google calendars and check what is the event. 

Sync time between systems:  you can generate voices at the end of the day. Clockifit helps in setting reminders about clients and projects.

Zapier helps to create a project. It records the invoices it is a full- day process the auditing process is of 30 seconds.

Start a timer when you start working on a task: a timer is put and a reminder is set like a to-do list. The task timer will start automatically you can add a memo card in the system. And you have to inform team members about the activity.

Skills and knowledge matters but in some matters, experiences also matter is honesty and sincerity towards your work assignments and integrity is considered as the most critical aspect.

The aspect is important during the hiring aspect. Interviews are conducted to judge the candidate’s skills that are fit for work.

The candidates are taught how to handle data analytics threat. They are used to measure a candidate’s values and motivation intensity.

For example, ask the candidate to list the three most important values or discuss how he or she would handle data security threats using the same. A professional executive thoroughly provides to hasten the information.

Conduct professional reference check:  It is one of the important selection processes. Reference checking allows you to find the most qualified person for the job. By providing you can calculate cost charges.

References allow the supervisors to check the poor performance of the company.  It helps in maintaining the reputation of the company.

It helps in taking the past applicants to decide future applicants. YOU MAY PROVIDE THE SAME SET OF QUESTIONS. Asking questions may give you the base of your questions.




These checks help to verify the candidate’s information on the resumes. You will get knowledge about the candidates’ knowledge, skills, and abilities. from the person who knows about the candidate’s performance.

Digital marketing challenges are at every step.

It is important that you ask the applicants doubts regarding the form, and ask employee-related questions.

A manager should not allow the candidates to choose their questions. Before making any calls develop a questionnaire you are going to ask clients.

The question must be a job- related. A list of questions is to be noted for the candidates. Before showing the organization heads you must show the questionnaire to reference check executives. 

We have to provide less formal settings to see the reactions of people for the event we have been given the critical right of hiring the right person for the job.


Q1. How to convince the marketing head to promote your product?

Ans. The marketing head can be convinced by the primary survey showing the product demand, the features of the product and the projected growth.

Q2. What are the functions of reference checks?

Ans. Reference checks allow a recruiter to get an independent insight into a candidate’s previous on-the-job performance.

Q3. How is the issue of client payments solved?

Ans. To ensure client security, OTP or one-time passwords are given for any digital transactions.
Conclusion: the main verdict of the above research is to find out how the digital marketing agency works what are the pros and cons of digital marketers.


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