Jason and Alex were friends, They both studied in the same Dental college. Once they finished their graduation they both started their clinic simultaneously Which was beautiful with all Interior decorations.

Jason Didn’t know much about online and he was just developing skills regarding Dentistry going to different places, Alex joined a Digital Marketing course in Henry Harvin He learns it from his place in his laptop.

In 2 months, He started Advertising, He added posts in social media about his clinic and his testimonials. Alex got a lot of patients from other places too.

As a result, Jason got a few patients only, from the same place in spite knowing a lot about dentistry.

To be smart like Alex Start reading this blog.

Whatever the profession you are in, Everything has become digitalised. Even the school children started learning in online, Teens started dating online, Adults started working in online, Elders started getting their medicines online.


We buy everything and anything online, Who sell all these products? Yes, You guessed it right, A Digital Marketer. But there are very few out there who sell things in digital and they make good sort of money. To learn that skill you should learn digital marketing

A right way to teach Digital marketing to yourself is to reach to well-reviewed courses where there are digital marketing professionals who have trailed and tested their ways.

A right course will build your confidence, knowledge and skills to become a digital marketer in this digital world, here you will know all that good institutions in Spain.

Why should you read this post?

You should read this post because I have made your work simple. If you type “ Digital Marketing course in Spain” in Google You will find all these results.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses In Spain.

1.Henry Harvin

This is the best online 32 hours Digital Marketing course taught in English, They teach us from basic you need not have any prior marketing knowledge. Anyone interested in being an entrepreneur, blogger, Owners, YouTubers, social media developers or helping them with your knowledge can take this course.


  • You can learn Each an Everything about Digital Marketing
  • will be taught about Web page designing
  • will have a complete Idea about SEM( Search Engine Marketing) and Google Ads
  • Search Engine Optimisation (Off-page, Onpage, Local and Mobile)
  • Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube Marketing.


  • You can Learn How to succeed through Digital Marketing.
  • 32 hours course. There are both Online and Offline courses (Due to COVID 19 It’s online)
  • You can get Acces to LMS( Learning Management System)
  • 24/7 X 375 days Support from your tutors and your relationship Managers.
  • They have the best World-class technology to teach, I would personally say They have the best e-learning System.
  • They Help us with Work for sure (100% Internship), Weekly we get 10+ opportunities and you can even do Internship with them.
  • The mentors are well trained, They have their firms where they have already trailed and tested.
  • They trust in “Do it while Learning”. They give Assignments for us to learn.
  • Trusted by 150+ corporates and 60+ colleges.
  • You can get 7 prestigious Digital Marketing Course certificates from Henry Harvin (1), Google (5) and Facebook (1)
  • They have some great reviews.
Do you want to master the essential disciplines in digital marketing? Check out the Digital Marketing Specialist course now!

Henry Harvin Provides Digital Marketing Course in these Cities

Ranks #1 Amongst Top 5 Most Trending Digital Marketing Courses by Higher Education

2.Spain business school

Situated in Madrid, Spain. The course is about 6 months. There are both the ways to learn online and also on campus. Approximately it costs about EUR 1,850.

This Digital Marketing course creates you as a community manager who takes care of the Brand, Creating a stable and lasting relationship with the customers and the brand.

There is also a superior programme in community manager who focuses on the strategy in digital marketing.


  • Knowing the right social network and handling it with the necessary tools
  • Understanding the consumer and their needs in digital media
  • Understand the user’s behaviour on every site.
  • Acquire communication skills.


  • Community managers are in demand, The mend their students to be one.
  • Can watch the tutoring any time, Its available 24/7*365 days
  • Strong Audiovisual content
  • Can pay with instalments without interest
  • You can learn it through professionals.
  • You will get Digital Marketing Course Certificate

3.EU Business School

 EU Business school is Situated in Barcelona, the course is about 2 to 8 weeks. It is been taken only In, In campus. It costs EUR 1,900 for 2 weeks, EUR 3,400 for 4 weeks, EUR 4,700 for 6 weeks, EUR6,300 for 8 weeks.

The candidate should be above 18 years old. The admissions are started for July 4, 2021 batch,


  • They create leadership and team building
  • Public speaking
  • Build knowledge about International businesses
  • To learn the latest trends in businesses like artificial intelligence and digital marketing.
  • Art of Networking.


  • They take their students for Industrial visits to International Companies
  • Meet and learn about Top business professionals
  • You will get Digital Marketing Course Certificate.
  • Network with like-minded people
  • Learn about personal branding, entrepreneurship and startups.
  • Gain Insights about Operation of Global Industry Leaders.


Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing

Ranked #1 Amongst the Top 5 Trending Digital Marketing Course by India Today | Validate your professional skills in the field of Digital Marketing

View Course

IE is located in Segovia Spain, The course is about 5 weeks, It is only taken through Online. It costs about EUR 1,950. The course starts from September 30th 2020 and ends by November 6th 2020. The classes will be taken in English.


  • You will be taught up to date digital marketing techniques
  • Analyse Digital Marketing Channels
  • Explore the stages of the customer Life cycle.
  • Implement an Omnichannel strategies
  • You will be taught about buyers persona


  • You will have a flexible schedule to learn
  • They use a variety of engaging learning tools to improve the educational experience like Recorded sessions, Tests, Three live sessions from IE’s WOW Room.
  • Six hands-on Activities towards business and budgeting.
  • This Digital Marketing course is mainly for marketing Professionals, Executives, Entrepreneurs.
  • You will get the Digital Marketing Course Certificate.
  • You will learn from the Guest speakers from IBM.

5. European School of Economics

This Digital Marketing course is located in Florence, Italy. The class is only through Online. It costs about 2,767 EUR. The duration of the course is 10 weeks. There are 4 Modules 2/3 in-class per week, for a total of 8/12 weekly hours (Monday to Friday)


  • They teach about Market researching, Excel, Advertising, Sales Promotion, Public relationships and Direct Marketing.
  • learn Buyer’s Behaviour in detail
  • International Project Management
  • Study plans can be customized
  • Branding and positioning.


  • Live virtual classes with ESE( European School of Economics) Lecturers.
  • Study with ESE students all around the Globe.
  • They help you with meeting Industrial specialists.
  • Masterclasses are conducted.
  • You will get The Digital Marketing Course Certificate.
  • ‘EXDUCO’ Virtual classrooms.
  • You can learn more about Brand management, Development of product, Marketing services, Business to business marketing.


This Digital Marketing Course is Situated in Barcelona, Spain. They teach through online. The course costs about 5,400 EUR.

If you wish to study on campus the living on campus fees is EUR 770 to EUR 1,360 / Month. The duration of the course is 5 weeks. The course is taken in the English Language.


  • Achieve strategic Marketing Thinking
  • Acquire new marketing tools
  • Explore new frameworks and approaches
  • Develop analytical skills


  • Challenging Pattern
  • Value creation through Value theory
  • Brand driven Strategy
  • You will get The Digital Marketing Course Certificate.
  • Managing and developing omnichannel systems.
  • Marketing analytics.


Centro de Estudious Superiores de communication y marketing politico.

It is located in Madrid, Spain. The Digital Marketing course is taught only in Online, It costs about EUR 2,600. The duration of Digital Marketing certification course is 6 months, Teaching is done in Spanish, 33ECTS credits.

Only Graduates can apply for this course.


  • Management of political communication.
  • Online, Offline and Network communication which is learning social media management.
  • Political Marketing
  • Personal Leadership.
  • Political consultancy- Digitalised Campaigns.


  • Can learn about political parties
  • Digital Marketing course Certificate will be provided
  • Consultation 24/7
  • Communication cabinets
  • Media Marketing
  • The academic content is adaptable to both Spain and Latin America

8.The Valley Digital Business School

It is located in Barcelona, Spain. The Digital Marketing Course is taught only on campus. The duration of the course is 110 hours, There is both Part-time and Full-time course. The Academics is taught in both Spanish and English.

It costs about EUR 5,500. The Requirments of the course is the candidate should finish graduation and should have experience of 3 years in the field.


  • Business ideas with Innovation procedures
  • Designing Digital Products.
  • Developing a digital marketing plan.
  • Know more about Latest digital trends.
  • Apply and develop the skills of entrepreneurship


  • 30 hours of the workshop( Learning by Doing)
  • Digital Marketing Course Certificate will be provided.
  • Learning the Latest tools in Digital Marketing.
  • Learn about growth hacks
  • Learn about digital analysis
  • Business Development skills are been taught.


Escuela de Negocios de la innovacion y Los Emprendedores

IEBS is located in Barcelona, Spain. This Digital marketing course is taught only through online. The duration of this course is 200 hours. It is a part-time course which is taught in Spanish. Tuition fees are EUR 2,975.


  • Management of massive data
  • Effective management in companies
  • Management of customers data and sales can completely transform the world of marketing.
  • Postgraduate in big data marketing we will learn
  • Implementing a business intelligently.
  • Steps to follow within a big data project
  • Data management
  • Optimise the work of the marketing management
  • Advanced client management
  • CRM and Business Intelligence tools


  • Flexible schedule to learn
  • Digital Marketing Course Certificate will be provided
  • Learn about the latest tool in digital marketing
  • An advanced course to maintain a big project
  • Up to date tools
  • 2.0 learning method that prioritizes ‘Learn to learn’

10.INEAF Business school

Instituto Europeo de Asesoria Fiscal is Located in Spain, It is only utilizing online. They have part-time classes. The academics are taught in Spanish.

Duration of this Digital marketing course is 100 hours. Tuition fees for this course are EUR 345. The only requirement for this course is mobile.


  • Placing a mark by the mobile medium
  • Planning Marketing campaigns targeting mobile devices
  • Make use of mobile as a technique in our business and companies.
  • Useful to Publishers, Expert in Marketing, Mobile application developers, Programmers.


  • To learn this course mobile is more than enough.
  • Teaching units and seminars are conducted
  • Digital Marketing course certificate will be provided
  • Learn through virtual campus (online Training platform 3.0, Fantastic art with the functional and exclusive design)


Are you Fed up of your 9 to 5 job? Do you want to Increase your Streams of Income? Are you a housewife? Do you have 3 to 4 hours a day? Trust me you should learn Digital Marketing and Start working. This will change your life upside down in a good way.

What are you waiting for? Go browse all these courses and join us in the Digital world!

There are a lot of online courses out there, but I recommend Henry Harvin’s Digital Marketing course Where you can learn anything and everything of digital marketing. It even costs less than other courses ( Approximately less than 200 Euros)

To start Digital Marketing you need not spend money you can learn basics through Free Courses  too.

All The Best for you Journey in Digital Marketing and I wish you reach heights. Thank you for reading.

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