As a career option six sigma certification is a very good option, it helps in your professional life and changes your career graph. Six sigma helps in developing business and methodical skills, which directly helps in improving the work style of the company you work in. Various industries find the application of six sigma very much useful like Amazon, Ford Motor Company, StarwoodHotels, Bank of America and many more.

A Brief Background

Bill Smith created six Sigma in 1986 with a basic move towards quality control and statistical methods. A Japanese manufacturer named Edward Shewhart also helped in improving quality control. Six Sigma helps in measuring the quality of manufacturing output, products and services provided by the company. This course will help you in validating professional skills about identifying risks, errors and other business strategies.

Lean six sigma certificationcourse teaches you about the set of procedures that help in the better management of resources in an organisation. These procedures or protocols act as tools that help in enhancing the profit and reducing the number of loopholes in management. 

A Guide to the Six Sigma Certification Training

Six Sigma certification course gives you an edge over working in projects in big companies and trained professionals. You will learn to solve quality problems, improve decision-making ability, increasing the overall performance of a company and much more.


  1. Perseverance
  2. Development of logical and analytical mind
  3. Developing a passion for improvement
  4. Leadership Skills

During a six-sigma course, we will teach you about the various tools that will help you to participate in DMAIC improvement projects. By taking a six sigma course, you will learn to see the problems in a different light and will also be able to look for its various solutions. 

This course helps in improving your ability to employ problem-solving and business techniques on the job to improve internal processes.

  • The requirements for getting into this course are that you must have been involved previously in analyzing and solving quality issues.
  • The course is a 4 day or 32-hour certification course, designed to impart maximum knowledge in a short time.
  • You should have worked with Six Sigma, Lean project management or any other quality-related project.
  • You will get a chance to work on a full-time project that will enhance your portfolio. The training support is provided by the institute. 
  • The six-sigma green belt certification provided at the end of the course will distinguish you from the rest of your peers. It is important to have an extra edge that will help you score better in interviews and jobs and that can be done when you have extra qualifications from a good institute.
  • There are certain skills that you require if you wish to take the six-sigma green belt certification; you should have at least three to four years of full-time work experience.
  • The finest six sigma green belt certificationensures that you get a chance to practically apply all that you have learned during the duration of the course. Learn to solve data-related problems and cultivate your decision-making abilities.
  • Any type of internship or part-time experience is not counted. 
  • There are many people who are eligible to take this course like team leaders, senior managers, software professionals, project managers, quality assurance engineers, and management students. 
  • By the end of the course, you will have an extensively developed skill set that will work wonders in helping you get a good job at a reputed firm.

Levels of Six Sigma Certification

“With your newfound skills, you might also be in for a promotion at your workplace.”

This course comes with five levels certification and they are obtained through the authorization of a body named the ASQ, which is also known as American Society for Quality. The Six sigma certification levels are as follows:

  • Certification for White Belt

This level consists of the basics and specifics of the sigma certification. You should have an understanding of where and how to apply it. They help in managing teams in management, engaging with local issues and providing solutions.

  • Certification for Yellow Belt

Different aspects of the Six Sigma training can be learnt at this stage. Students will undergo live project sessions and then they have to sharpen their problem solving skills.

  • Certification  for Green Belt

This is about understanding and analysing the issues in a project. You will be able to support project teams in problem tasks.

  • Certification for Black Belt

The black belts are for the experts. This is a high level certification, which will help a candidate to achieve better job positions in the industrial sector.

  • Certification for Master Black Belt

This is actually the highest level of certification. Once you get this certification, you shall be considered as the master strategist.

Why Six Sigma Certification is Crucial?

This course, however, designed so that it is easy to understand requires perseverance, a logical mind, and strong analytical skills, strong leadership qualities will help you in a better understanding of this course.

  • It helps in reducing the risk in an organisation, eliminating the troubles or errors.
  • You will become an expert in analysing the correlation results and all regression analysis.
  • It helps in improving the business process. After the course, you shall become an expert in managing the manufacturing process of companies.
  • This course will assist you to have an understanding of present standard industrial practices to maintain exceptional product or service quality.
  • The opportunity to work on multivariate tools. Learning the concept of waste reduction, stream mapping and much more.
  • You will be able to monitor the process closely in order to achieve a level of sustainability.
  • You shall come to know about different components and concepts. For example, you shall learn Chi-square, ANOVA, contingency table, etc.
  • You shall turn an expert in identifying the 7 classic wastes and use the tools for gap analysis.


  • With this certification, you shall be able to pursue a career in industries, like IT, telecom, aerospace, finance, banking, etc.
  • With this certification, you can work in a company as the change agent who will be responsible for the company’s growth.
  • This demands supreme standards, which means that there will be substantial numbers of procurers and vendors who will be evaluating the products and services.
  • You can even experience a rise to a managerial position because this certification will supply your wisdom in strategies of managing the industrial output quality.
  • An Excellent salary is one of the main reasons for taking up this course.
  • Once you attain Six Sigma certification, you shall become one of the high paying individuals in the industry.
  • It will also help you understand the application of DMAIC tools and how their implementation will help you in a better understanding of a project and its delivery.
  • Another role played by green belts is that they help bond the gap between the six-sigma theory and everyday application.
  • The performance of the project can be calculated by the amount of precision, persistence, expertise of the individual members of the team. 


  • Improve in Productivity

With the advancement in technology, there is a continuous improvement in the productivity of goods and services.

  • Reduce in Cost

There will be a minimization of waste which directly leads to a low cost of production. There will be an increase in profit.

  • Clients Confidence

Better quality of services and goodwill help in increasing the client’s confidence in your business. After all, customer satisfaction is the top priority of any company.


The importance of the Six Sigma certification cannot be exaggerated. As an employee, it will give you great satisfaction that your company is run by great professionals who are focusing on the quality of services and products. This course will provide you with the growth in a career that you have always been searching for. This will help you in creating better services and product standards for a company.

By application of the protocols of Six Sigma certification, the profit is maximized and the input is also decreased. Along with this, proper planning helps in quick and clear solutions to the customer. This is found to be the biggest advantage of such adaption.

The Six Sigma allows maximizing the profit with slight changes in the working methodology and decreases the loopholes leading to losses or unsatisfactory profit. More the customers, the greater will be profit and hence the stability and development of the business are also assured if you manage to provide a solution to various management issues in less time and clear vision.

A service provider, who can provide not only profit but also clear and quick solutions to the associated issues, is liked and accepted by a majority of customers.

Thus, Six Sigma certificate instructs not only to bring customers but also gives them various reasons to hold on to a particular business. This provides stability in business dealings.

TIP OF THE DAY: Quality Function Deployment is a process for designing and planning customer-focussed products or services.

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