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Every industrial and commercial change brings many opportunities in itself. The GST has been introduced in 2017 by the Indian government and it brings many changes in the taxpayer arena. The education and employment process has been shifted to the online platform. Nowadays, our livelihood depends on being online eventually. Our India is becoming more and more competitive and recreational in every field.

Scope of GST Practitioner in India

GST Practitioner Course emerges as a new and appealing career opportunity for many people. A GST Course in Delhi is a tax professional who has been authorized by the central government and state government to perform the primary activities such as filling fresh registration applications, filling applications for amending or canceling the registration, and furnishing information on behalf of the taxpayer, to the government. 

The GST course is designed to make you understand the compliance of Goods and Service Tax. There’s a bunch of online platforms that deliver the topmost education on GST and help to produce GST Practitioners who are authorized by the Indian government. This article highlights the valuable facets of GST Practitioners. 

Career Scope of a GST Practitioner Course in Lucknow 


A GST Practitioner Course helps to increase the credibility and trust for the services provided by the GST Course in India practitioner in the eyes of the taxpayer. After getting the authorization from the common GST portal, the practitioner can complete various services that are mentioned below:

  • Register Application

A GST Practitioner assists in creating an application for a GST registration on behalf of the taxpayer or makes amendments or cancels the GST registrations.

  • Manage Returns

A GST Practitioner Course helps in preparing the monthly/quarterly/annual GST returns such as GSTR – 3B, GSTR – 1, GSTR – 9, etc\

  • Make Payment/ Refunds

A GST Practitioner Course can file a refund claim or pay taxes on behalf of the registered taxpayer.

  • Representative Authority 

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A GST Practitioner Course is allowed to appear as an authorized representative before any officer of the GST department, Appellate authority, and Tribunal.

Notable Duties Served by a GST Course in Lucknow 

  • The GST Practitioner Course can furnish information on the internal and external allowances.
  • The GST Practitioner Course can furnish the monthly, quarterly, and annual returns on the behalf of his taxpayer or client.
  • The GST Practitioner can deposit credit into the electronic cash ledger.
  • The GST Practitioner can view a complete list of taxpayers who are registered in your account.
  • The GST Practitioner can claim a refund on the behalf of his client or taxpayer.
  • The GST Practitioner can apply for amendments or cancel the registration.
  • The GST Practitioner can help his client to generate an e-waybill for various movements of his goods.
  • The GST Practitioner is enabled to accept or reject the application as a consultant from the fellow taxpayer.

  • The GST Practitioner is allowed to make changes in the profile of his taxpayer’s client like a place of his business, his contact detail, and his other business information. However, a GST practitioner can only save such information and cannot submit it. He must tell his client or taxpayer to submit the furnished information.

Eligibility Criteria for a GST Practitioner Course  

GST Practitioner is a verified consultant who provides services to the client or taxpayer through online mode. 

The basic conditions for a GST Course Online in India :

  • The applicant should be a citizen of India
  • The applicant should have a sound mind
  • The applicant should be condemned as insolvent.
  • The applicant should not be convicted of an offense with imprisonment of 2 years and more.

Above mentioned requirements are not enough to be qualified for the GST Practitioner exam. There’s much more qualification needed to be a GST Practitioner such as:

  • The candidate should have a graduate or postgraduate degree in commerce, law, banking, business administration, business management for any recognized Indian University which is approved by law.

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  • The candidate should have an equivalent degree from a foreign university that is recognized by an Indian University.

  • The candidate should have a degree from an Indian University or a Foreign University as equivalent to a degree examination.

  • A Chartered Accountant holding COP or without COP. 

  • A Company Secretary holding COP or without COP.

  • A Cost and Management Accountant holding COP or without COP. 

  • An Advocate or Retired Government Officials are also eligible for the GST Practitioner exam.

GST Practitioner Application Procedure

GST Practitioner Registration

Many will find difficult the application procedure of a GST Practitioner. Yet, it is quite a lengthy procedure that is categorized into two parts: Part-A and Part-B. But I’ll try to represent it in a sorted and simplified way. 


Step 1: First of all, Log in to the official website of GST Portal

Step 2: Further, click on the Register button

Step 3: The registration page will appear on the screen, the applicant should click on the New Registration option.

Step 4: The applicant selects the option GST Practitioner as the taxpayer to be registered.

Step 5: The applicant should select the State or Union Territory and district.

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Step 6: The applicant should enter the Name

Step 7: The applicant should enter the PAN Card number

Step 8: The applicant should enter the valid email-id

Step 9: The applicant should enter the in-working mobile number

Step 10: The applicant should enter the appearing ‘Captcha Code’

Step 11: Now, The applicant should click on the Proceed option. After this process, the applicant has to be directed to the verification page

Step 12: On the Verification page, the applicant has to enter the OTP number that was sent to the applicant’s registered number


Step 1: The applicant has received the TRN (15 digits of Temporary Reference Number) to the registered email-id. The applicant has to click on the ‘Proceed’ option

Step 2: The applicant should enter the Captcha code and then click on the ‘Proceed’ option

Step 3: The applicant has received the OTP on the registered mobile number and email-id. The applicant has to enter the OTP.

Step 4: Next, the applicant has to be directed to the ‘My Saved application’ page. Under the action column, the edit option has to be clicked.

Step 5: The applicant has to fill in the general details under the ‘General Detail’ section. In which the following information should be filled by the applicant:

Select the radio button Centre or State/UT, which is under the Enrolling Authority.
Select the applicable registration option from the drop-down list.
Enter the applicable University/ Institute.
Select the year of passing from the drop-down list box.
Enter the Qualifying Degree for enrolling as a GST Practitioner.
Select the document type under the proof of Qualifying Degree.
Upload all the mandatory documents in PDF or JPEG format.
After filling in the details, click on ‘Save and Continue’.

Step 6: On the next page the applicant has to fill up the following personal details:

Select the Date of Birth.
Enter the First, Middle, and the Last Name.
Select Gender.
Enter the Aadhar Number.
Upload the Photograph in JPEG format.
After filling in the details, click on ‘Save and Continue’.

Step 7: The applicant has to fill up the professional address details such as:

Enter the residential address with the correct PIN code.
Select the proper proof of professional address from the drop-down list.
Upload the selected proof of professional address in JPEG or PDF format.
After filling in the details, click on ‘Save and Continue’.

Step 8: Now, the applicant has to be directed to the verification page where the applicant has to verify the following details:

Check the check-box with the verification statement.
Enter the place.
Select the required format to submit the form such as DSC, E-Sign, or EVC. 

Subtle Hints of GST Practitioner Examination Procedure

GST course

After the GST Practitioner Course enrollment process. The GST Practitioner examination would be conducted by NACIN (The National Academy of Customs and Indirect taxes and Narcotics). 

Registration: The registration for this exam can be done on the official website. The applicants are required to log in with the help of GST enrollment number (user-id) and PAN (password).  

Fees: The examination fees need to be paid by the candidate at the time of enrollment. The applicable fees will be specified on the NACIN website, along with the manner of payment.

Examination date: The GST Practitioner exams are conducted twice a year all over India at designated centers. The candidate can opt for the center of his choice. The date of the exam is notified by NACIN and is available on the GST portal, GST Council Secretariat, and in the leading English and regional newspapers.

Nature of the exam: It is a computer-based test consisting of Multiple-Choice Questions only.

Result declaration: NACIN shall declare the result within one month of the conduct of the examination and would be communicated to the candidate by email or post.  

Passing marks: To become a GST Practitioner, the candidate must score at least 50% of the total marks. The candidate is required to pass the exam within 2 years of enrollment. There is no limit on the number of attempts taken by the candidate during the said period of 2 years.

Examination syllabus: The candidate should check out the GST Practitioner syllabus while persuasion and prepare for the exam as per the proposed information. The syllabus of the examination will be easily available on NACIN.

More About GSTP

Goods and Service Tax Practitioner is a revolutionary and new career opportunity for many people. A GST Practitioner is a state and central government authorized tax professional who operates primary activities such as filling the fresh registration application, filling the amendment applications, or canceling the registrations and furnishes the information on behalf of the taxpayer, to the Indian government.

Once the enrollment process as a GST practitioner is submitted, the applicant must pass the GSTP examination within two years of enrollment. An exception to this is that if a person is enrolled as a GSTP before the 1st of July 2018, the applicant will get one more year to pass the examination.

The GST Practitioner exams are conducted by the National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes and Narcotics (NACCIN). The Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, the government of India.

The basic requirements for a GST Practitioner enrollment are mentioned below:

  • The candidate must have a valid Pan Card.
  • The candidate must have a valid contact number.
  • The candidate must have a valid email address.
  • The candidate should possess a Professional address.
  • The candidate should possess the eligibility criteria of a GST practitioner.
  • The candidate should retain the required documents and information.

The license of a GST Practitioner is viewed as valid until it is canceled by the relevant authority. Though, any person holding a GST Practitioner license should pass the examination held by the GST Authority and notified by the Commissioner from time to time. Further, all the candidates who are applying for a GST Practitioner through the sales tax practitioner or tax return preparer route should pass the exam conducted by the GST Authority within one year from the implementation of GST.

Moreover, a goods and services tax practitioner can enrol in any State or Union Territory. It will also be treated as enrolled in the State/Union territory for the purposes.

History of GST 

The government introduced a new form of tax policy GST (Goods and Service Tax)  on 1st June of 2017. GST is the all in one tax which states a scheme of ‘one country one tax’. Tax is the only way of income for the government. This is for every single person who trades. In India, nearly all goods and services tax is under the purview of GST and has been divided into four GST rates — 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%.

Goods and Service Tax have been divided into three categories such as Central Goods and Service Tax (C-GST), State Goods and Service Tax (S-GST), and Integrated Goods and Service Tax (I-GST). 

The Goods and Services Tax Network is a non-profitable or non-governmental organization that manages the entire IT system of the GST portal.


As we know, India is a developing country with minds and ideas. The Indian government has played a very crucial role in this pandemic crisis and has been proven itself. 

The GST is a revolutionary improvement in the economy of India. GST is the best implementation of indirect tax, which includes value-added tax, service tax, purchase tax, excise duty, and so on

The GST Practitioner brings new and fresh career opportunities for commerce and finance aspirants. It helps to uplift the compliance of GST. GST Practitioner exams are only conducted by the Indian government.

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Frequently Question Answer

Q1.Who is a GST Practitioner?

GST Practitioner is a state and central government authorized tax professional.

Q2. What is the key role of a GST Practitioner?

GST Practitioner works for the Indian government to furnish the information of a taxpayer.

Q3. What is a GST Practitioner course?

GST Practitioner is a revolutionary course that provides knowledge on recent amendments and their challenges.

Q4. What is the average income of a GST Practitioner Course in India?

A GST Practitioner earns 4.9 – 6.4 per annum in India.

Q5. What is the official website of GST Practitioner Course enrollment?

GST portal is the official website name for GST Practitioner Course enrollment.

Q6. What is the nature of the GST Practitioner exam?

The GST Practitioner exam is computer-based consisting of multiple-choice questions only. 

Q7. Do I need to register separately for GST Practitioner Course in each central and state?

Single enrollment shall be enough for GST Practitioners all over India. Though, you are free to apply for another registration in another state if you have a professional address in that state.

Q8. I have started to fill out the GST Practitioner registration application but I’m unable to complete the GST Practitioner registration application. What can I do?

If you have already filled the GST Practitioner registration application you can save the registration application and up to 15 days your TRN (Temporary Reference Number) was generated upon successful submission of Part-A of the registration application.

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