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Robotic Process Automation ( RPA), or Software automation, aims to automate repetitive, monotonous manual tasks, thereby saving money and time for companies.  Hence, many companies have started using RPA in their businesses in order to improve their productivity, competence and customer service. As the demand for automation increases, so does the need for skilled RPA professionals. Therefore, taking up  RPA courses is essential to become an expert. This blog covers some of the best institutes that offer RPA courses in Pune


Pune- The Oxford of The East

Pune, also called Poona, is the cultural capital of Maharashtra, located at the junction of the Mula and Mutha Rivers. Besides calling it the queen of the Deccan, it is also referred to as the Oxford of the East because of its rich legacy in Education. The University of Pune has about 433 colleges affiliated with it. In addition, this city has world-famous institutes for each academic sector. For instance, Pune has top management institutes like Symbiosis. Since this city is home to excellent educational institutes it is the most chosen place for global events, summits, concerts and fests.

 Additionally, this city is home to historic places like Shaniwar Wada, Lal Mahal, and Aga Khan Palace along with many museums like the National War museum. Furthermore, Pune is the largest IT hub of India in addition to automobile and manufacturing. As a result, this city offers work opportunities for job seekers. For example, RPA experts are in demand because many organisations use RPA for tedious tasks. Therefore, taking up RPA courses in Pune is beneficial. 

Best RPA Courses in Pune

1. Henry Harvin:


Contact number: +91891953953

RPA courses in Pune

 Henry Harvin is one of the leading online platforms delivering various training and advisory services. This academy provides training programs across 11 cities in India, including Pune. They do, in fact, offer more than 600 plus courses in 27 categories. Most importantly, Henry Harvin aims to transform the growth of individuals as well as organisations through their high-standard content, resources and state-of-the-art technology.

Benefits of Henry Harvin’s RPA courses in Pune:( RPA using Uipath)

  • Primarily, you will receive training on new-generation automation skills from experts with extensive knowledge of RPA tools and software. 
  • Secondly, you will learn how to automate manually performed tasks that are time-consuming and extensive. 
  • Additionally, gain knowledge on process mapping and workflow along with bot integration. 
  • Most importantly, Henry Harvin offers courses on RPA using Uipath, automation anywhere as well as Blue Prism. Moreover, their RPA course using Uipath has been ranked top 2 in the industry by
  • Furthermore, their RPA courses help you master the ability to control bots.
  • In addition to learning about automating UI interfaces, rest or web services, you will understand how to use the Uipath platform to enhance security and management capabilities.
  • Moreover, the training helps you gain expertise in digital transformation that will enable you to create a digital workplace that helps businesses to grow rapidly. 
  • Above all, get hands-on experience through their projects like Data manipulation, UI interactions and exception handling. 
  • Besides enhancing your skills to handle back-office tasks with quality and speed, you will learn to automate different systems, databases, applications and manual tasks in order to improve efficiency. 
  • To sum up, their RPA courses in Pune come with 1-year gold membership which facilitates E-learning access, masterclass sessions, internship, job opportunities and interview skills that will help you become an RPA expert. To be precise, Henry Harvin not only trains you in RPA but also provides a platform to find a good job. 

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Course Name:

RPA using Uipath

Course Duration: 

32 hours of live online sessions.  Followed by 52+ hours of masterclass sessions. Additionally, you get to attend unlimited batches for a year from enrollment.

Course Fee:


Training Mode: 


Henry Harvin RPA course fees:

Henry Harvin® RPA Course Ranks #1 in India by PC Quest

Cities where Henry Harvin RPA Courses are provided:


Other courses provided by Henry Harvin:

2. SevenMentor:

Rating: 9.8/10

Contact Number:7507414653

SevenMentor is one of the finest training institutes in Pune, established in 2012 to provide various certification courses. Because Pune is an educational 

Hub, many students move there to get quality education and establish their careers. Therefore, SevenMentors started training services in Pune to help students upgrade their skills. In recent times, getting a good job has become pretty difficult as companies are expecting better skills besides having degrees. This is where Institutes like SevenMentor come to the rescue by helping you upgrade your knowledge as well as find a desired job. 

This academy provides RPA courses in Pune along with various other skill development programs. If you are aspiring to become a skilled RPA professional, then SevenMentor is one of the best training institutes for you. In addition to providing training services, this institute also has a recruitment agency that will help you find the job of your dreams. 

Benefits of SevenMentor’s RPA courses in Pune:

  • Fundamentally, they are one of the best training institutes to provide the finest RPA classes in Pune with high-quality content and industry standards. 
  • Their basic and advanced level RPA training introduces you to UI automation that will enhance your knowledge.
  • Besides gaining skills in branching workflow, you will learn about desktop automation.
  • Additionally, their courses enable you to enhance skills that will help in reusing automation that concerns workflows and templates.
  • Likewise, you can acquire the skills required for Data input and Debug workflows. 
  • Trainers use simple teaching methodologies to train students. As a result, students at SevenMentors effectively learn RPA. 
  • Apart from teaching concepts with real-time examples, trainers assist students in completing the projects as well as prepare them for interviews. 
  • Above all, their certificates are recognised worldwide; hence you can get a  good job in leading MNCs post-training from SevenMentors.
  • To sum up, this institute provides RPA training from basic to advanced levels, where students receive teaching as well as practical sessions that will enable them to handle real-time projects. 

Course Name:

RPA Course

Course Duration: 

90-110 hours

Assignment Duration:

50-60 hours

Training Mode: 



Shreenath plaza, 21&25 A wing, Floor number: 1, Dnyaneshwar chowk, F.C Road 1184/4, Shivaji Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra, Pin code: 411005.

3. EmergenTeck:

Rating: 9.7/10

Contact number: +91-7350070755

RPA courses in Pune

EmergenTeck is a learning platform exclusively established to provide training in emerging technologies such as RPA and AI. They assist you to build remunerative careers in skills and technologies that are highly in demand across the globe. EmergenTeck is a wonderful platform, especially for those aspirants who wish to excel in the age of digitalization. Most importantly, EmergenTeck has a course for everyone, whether you are a fresher or a working professional looking to enhance your skills. Regardless of the course you choose, they ensure to provide comprehensive learning covering all critical areas. 

Benefits of EmergenTeck’s RPA Courses in Pune:

  • Primarily, this academy provides comprehensive online training in RPA that covers basic to advanced applications. 
  • Their course is designed for beginners as well as experienced professionals.
  • Besides learning about different types of RPA, you will also learn how to install and configure them and how to automate using RPA. 
  • Essentially, their training program covers all the important aspects of RPA, such as data preparation, Robotic desktop automation and process automation. 
  • Moreover, their course helps you learn about different RPA tools, like Uipath, Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism. 
  • Most importantly, you will get hands-on training through their live projects.
  • Apart from teaching RPA, they prepare you for job interviews through their mock interview sessions.
  • Although their training mode is online, they provide 100% live assistance whenever required. 
  • Above all, you can attend seminars and workshops conducted by industry leaders. 
  • Ultimately, completing the course from EmergenTeck helps you find your dream job.

Course Name:

RPA Course

Course Duration: 

30-40 hours

Course Fee:


Training Mode: 



1st floor, Supreme Arcade, office number: 05, Above More shop, Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra. 

4. Ethans:

Rating: 9.8/10

Contact number: +91953392223.

Ethan’s Tech is a training institute that offers various courses for professionals as well as students who desire to improve their niche technical skills. It started with the aim of helping students get a thorough understanding of technology so that they can enjoy their job. To be precise, they break down the teaching concepts in a simple manner and give them a real-world application of the concept. Hence, students get a detailed understanding of technology, which makes their job easier. In a nutshell, they strive to spark students’ interest in technology so that learning becomes fun.

Benefits of Ethan’s RPA courses in Pune

  • First and foremost, Ethan’s RPA training in Pune involves hands-on training, learning based on projects, and several case studies to work on.
  • Secondly, their course covers concepts such as generic and development automation, which include Citrix automation, email automation, excel and word automation, Tool and web automation along with Data scraping, web scraping and Screen scraping. 
  • Besides training in development courses, they also focus on administration tasks such as machine configuration, Task allocation and scheduling, Robot configuration and many more. 
  • Most importantly, the trainers at Ethan’s, with over 9 years of experience can engage students with real-time examples and case studies.
  • As their batch sizes are small, every student gets special attention from the trainers. 
  • In addition to training services, Ethan’s tech also provides open-career consultation services for the benefit of students. 
  • Last but not the least, this academy is one of the best providers of RPA courses in Pune as it offers world-class content designed by experts

Course Name:

RPA Course

Course Duration: 

40 hours ( 12-16 lectures)

Training Mode: 



Pride Purple Square, office 304,305, Above Maharashtra Electronics, Kalewhadi Phata-Wakad Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune, Maharashtra, Pin code: 411057.

5. ExcelR:

Rating: 9.6/10

Contact number: 09880913504

RPA courses in Pune

 ExcelR is a training and consulting institute, established in 2014 to help students as well as professionals by providing them with world-class classroom and online training. The dedicated group of trainers at ExcelR upgrade themselves with technological advancements in order to deliver the best content to trainees. Hence, ExcelR is one of the best training and consulting institutes in Pune. Apart from students, working professionals who desire to enhance their skill sets also can find the right course at this institute. In a nutshell, ExcelR delivers high-quality training to students as well as professionals. 

Benefits of ExcelR’s RPA courses in Pune:

  • The trainers at ExcelR have extensive real-time experience as well as are passionate to deliver training in the best possible way. Therefore, this academy is considered one of the best in Pune. 
  • Their tailored course curriculum is designed by experts as per the current industry standards. As a result, students are delivered the best content in the industry.
  • In addition, to live online classes, students can access the recorded sessions on ExcelR’s LMS. 
  • Essentially, this academy follows a training model, which is a combination of the classroom as well instructor-led online and E-learning. Hence, students get a comprehensive learning experience which enhances their learning curve. 
  • What’s more is that ExcelR offers post-training support to students through what’s app and social media platforms, which allows students to contact the trainers with their doubts.
  • In a nutshell, ExcelR is one of the best places to get RPA training in Pune as they offer hands-on training through practical sessions.

Course Name:

RPA Course

Course Duration: 

40 hours 

Training Mode: 



Sidhi Icon, First floor, 101A, Next to Asian Box restaurant, lane opposite Royal Enfield Showroom, Baner Road, Pune, Maharashtra, Pincode: 411045

6. Besant Technologies:

Rating: 9.8/10

Contact number: +91 9707250260

Besant technologies are one of the leading training institutes in the IT sector. The experienced staff at this institute provide corporate-style training. This academy offers various trending technology courses including RPA. They hold a distinct place for themselves as they follow current industry standards to design their courses. In addition, they have project-based learning for all the courses. Hence, students will gain practical knowledge ensuring they are good at their jobs. 

Benefits of Besant Technologies RPA courses in Pune:

  • Fundamentally, their RPA courses provide a deep understanding of concepts such as the RPA life cycle, Citrix automation, and deploying various Uipath tools along with an understanding of how to automate virtual applications. 
  • Most importantly, their courses cover the three most critical tools of RPA, which include Uipath, Blue Prism as well as Automation Anywhere. 
  • This academy facilitates learning through case studies and industry-based projects in addition to hands-on sessions.
  • The real-time projects organised by this academy help students gain expertise in RPA. 
  • Students get an exceptional learning experience as they get in-depth knowledge regarding applications using RPA tools 
  • Furthermore,  they acquire knowledge about concepts like workflow automation, debugging as well as exception handling.
  • Post-training, students will be able to handle various tasks using RPA bots.
  • Besides knowing about using RPA tools, students also gain knowledge regarding risks and challenges during RPA implementation. 
  • To sum up, their RPA courses prepare students for RPA certification exams and interviews. Hence, students can find their dream job, where they can confidently handle tedious back-office tasks using RPA.

Course Name:

RPA Course

Course Duration: 

30 + hours 

Training Mode: 


7. 3RITechnologies:

Rating: 9.8/10

Contact number: +91 9552563869

RPA courses in Pune

This training institute was established in 2010 to provide various software development courses to students as well as working professionals. It is one of the best training institutes in Pune as it offers training with real-time projects. Also, 3RI technologies is a certified training company that delivers training from basic to advanced technologies. In addition, to live project training, they also offer placement support to students. Hence, students can find their dream job post-training. Along with different software courses, this institute offers RPA courses as well.

Benefits of 3RI Technologies RPA courses in Pune:

  • Their RPA courses using Uipath help students understand the features, functions and benefits of using RPA techniques in businesses.
  • Essentially, their RPA classes in Pune focus on providing extensive knowledge of various working concepts of Uipath. 
  • The training provided by them helps students handle automation in the real world. 
  • In addition to understanding the Ui path platform and user interface, students will develop debugging skills for the designed workflow. 
  • Furthermore, deeper insights into RPA technology will help students build the workflows in the Uipath tool.
  • Most importantly, their courses on RPA technology are designed based on industry needs and requirements. 
  • Besides theoretical learning, students also receive practical learning and testing. Hence, they gain a lot from this RPA training in Pune. 
  • In a nutshell, their classes exclusively focus on RPA using Uipath, which is the most widely used tool in business to automate monotonous manual tasks. 

Course Name:

RPA Course

Course Duration: 

6 weeks

Training Mode: 



3RI technologies, Rainbow Plaza, 4th floor, 405, Pimple Sudagar, Pune,  Maharashtra, Pin: 411017.

RPA as a career:

Automation has bought a revolution in the field of business. The use of software robots to complete tedious tasks is reducing human time and effort. However, RPA is not solely dependent on software robots, it’s rather a combination of the human workforce and software robots. Hence, there is a wide range of job opportunities for RPA experts. 

Since RPA is growing at a fast pace, it is the right time to start a career in RPA. This technology, in combination with AI and machine learning, will surely change the future of automation. Although this technology was only used by the IT sector initially, it is now used by many sectors like banking, health, finance, development and accounting. As a result, RPA experts have a lot of job opportunities. 

Therefore, emerging RPA experts can find several job opportunities which pay them high salaries compared to other fields. Since RPA is going to be a trending technology shortly, RPA professionals will have thousands of jobs in future.


RPA is one of the most sought-after careers today as many companies use this technology to automate tedious tasks. Therefore, choosing a career in RPA would be a wise choice. However, having a proper skillset and knowledge is essential to find a good job. Considering the increasing demand for RPA, many institutes have started RPA training courses. 

Nevertheless, choosing the right institute is a critical task. This blog includes some of the best institutes that provide RPA courses in Pune. Thorough research has been done before including them in this blog. I hope your search ends here and you find the best institute that suits your requirements. 

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Q-1. What are the best RPA tools?

Ans. Uipath, Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere are the three most widely used RPA tools.


Q-2. Is it easy to learn RPA?

Ans. Yes, provided you choose the right institute that offers RPA courses.


Q-3. Should I know coding to learn RPA?

Ans. It is not required to have programming skills to learn RPA. Students from any subject background can learn RPA effectively.


Q-4. Is RPA a good career choice?

Ans. RPA is one of the best career choices if you wish to work in a skill-based industry.

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