Medical Laboratory Technician is a branch of science that uses clinical laboratory tests. These tests are done by the analysis of bodily fluids, tissues, and blood tests. These tests help in dealing with diagnosis treatment and also help with the prevention of various other diseases.

Most people in the Medical Industry would know what an MLT course is all about. The abbreviation of MLT is Medical Laboratory Technician.

It is a post given to people who would know more about Medical Sciences that are currently used in research centers.

Medical Laboratory Technicians course is largely in need in our country nowadays. We are going to discuss in detail the various MLT courses in India that are being currently offered to students.

Top 10 MLT Courses in India

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin offers Medical Laboratory Course among the other valuable courses that they have been offering.

With the use of online facility they offer courses to students across the globe.

They have very well experienced faculties and members to guide students according to their needs.

Below is an illustration of their MLT course in a video.

Henry Harvin Best Certification Training and Courses

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Location :

The headquarters is located in San Francisco, USA, and in Noida, India.

Course Types, Benefits, Fees:

To Know More Information about Fee Structure please check it here:-

Cities in India offering the Medical Lab Technician Courses (MLT)

Hyderabad, Delhi, Ernakulam, Coimbatore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore

Other Courses Provided by Henry Harvin:

Henry Harvin® Medical Lab Technician Course Ranks #1 in India by The Tribune


About :

It is a public medical university that has educational, medical research, and training facilities for its students including all specialties.

Post Graduate Medical Education and Research College runs a leading tertiary care hospital.

They help cater to patients from places such as Punjab, J&K, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Haryana.

 There are more than 50 training courses available here, mostly postgraduates are nurtured here.

PGI provides training in all disciplines of Medicine including diplomas and fellowships apart from their clinical services.

Among other medical universities they are ranked second in India for the year 2021 by National Institutional Ranking Framework.

It is an autonomous and deemed medical institution with high care and service providers.

Their motto is to give care to the needy and do good for all.

Why choose PGIMER?

a) They provide fair accommodation to the needy and the poor patients to be cured, who comes from far places.

b) It helps achieve self-sufficiency in their post-graduate medical education.

c) They provide educational facilities for personal training in the health activity branches.

d) They train their students in such a way to help in providing high-quality care for their patients.

e) The highest qualified medical teachers are available for students to make them the best.

f) Their MLT course helps students to achieve their goals with the best supportive help.

Additional Courses :

  • Master in Hospital Administration
  • Master of Public Health
  • Bachelor of Science
  • PG Diploma in Public Health
Course LevelUG Degree
Duration3 years
 FeeINR 2970

Location: PGIMER is located in Chandigarh, Madhya Marg.

3. Christian Medical College (CMC)

About :

The Christian Medical College started with only a single-bedded clinic by Dr. Ida Sophia Scudder.

Later it grew up into a medical college by giving education in medical, nursing, and allied health services.

Medical Education began there in the year 1918 to educate medicinal training to women in India.

The MBBS course started in the year 1942 and in the year 1947, this college became co-educational.

Christian Medical College is very well known for its Neurosciences department.

CMC is known for its best treatment of very rare blood disorders and bone marrow transplantation.

Why Choose CMC?

a) In the health care delivery, CMC gives a culture of caring commitment to each member’s professional aspects.

b) The placement facility is quite good as its reputation while students can be practitioners in the same hospital. This helps them gain experience.

c) For an institution that is 100 years old, they have a good infrastructure.

d) Since all the medical faculties are well experienced, they have a better way of sharing their knowledge with their respective students.

f) The medical Laboratory Technician courses here with the help of these faculties would be such a delight.

Additional Courses :

  • Neuroscience courses like Gastroenterology and Hematology
  • MBBS
  • Allied health sciences
  • Nursing
Course LevelUG Degree
Duration3 years
FeeINR 49,520

Location: Vellore – main campus

4. Parul University

About :

Parul University is a private university accredited by NAAC, NABH, and NBA (National Board of Accreditation).

This university was opened in the year 1993.

It was ranked 45th in the year 2021 for a Private MBA by Outlook.

The first university in India to have all its constituents accredited by NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers).

This University was awarded as the Best University for Placements by ASSOCHAM in west India.

Why choose PU?

a) PU institute has highly knowledged and understanding faculties who help students with various laboratory instruments.

b) There are many laboratories and facilities which help in enhancing and shaping the student’s minds with a practical understanding.

c) Students of this college would obtain knowledge on body matters such as fluid, tissue, blood, etc. This gives them a basic knowledge of helping them to prepare solutions, collecting samples, etc.

d) The teaching staff experts educate students by shaping them with vital skills. This makes them get to know advanced knowledge in patient diagnosis.

e) The MLT programs are very realistic and conventional. This allows students to learn the usage of laboratory-related techniques and machinery.

Additional Courses :

  • Animation and design
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Management and Business Administration
  • Media, Mass Communication and Journalism
Course LevelB.Sc. MLT
Duration3 years
FeeINR 78,000

Location :

PU is located in Vadodara – Ahmadabad

5. Banaras Hindu University (BHU)

About :

It was established in the year 1916 by Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya who is the Maharaja of Darbhanga Rameshwar Singh.

Over 30,000 students are residing on the campus and are said to be the largest residential university in all of Asia.

There are many land donations that they have received from certain rulers in the past who have generously given them what they need.

Students come from almost 48 countries of the world to study in this institute.

Why choose BHU?

a) When you choose BHU for your Medical  Laboratory Technician course it gives you knowledge in its technology and advancements of its fields.

b) This MLT course concentrates on making their students’ work ready for companies. This helps them in enhancing their skills and their employability.

c) BHU helps in the field of Medical and Allied Healthcare by contributing more knowledgeable students in the field.

d) The faculties working at BHU are completely experienced and with good teaching skills. This allows students to ace their subject.

Additional Courses :

  • BA Arts
  • BA Social Sciences
  • B.Com Financial Markets Management
  • LL.B Bachelor of Law
  • B.P.Ed Bachelor of Physical Education
Course LevelB.Voc MLT
Duration3 Years
FeeINR 28,000

 Location :

BHU is located in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.


About :

The Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research is a medical school that is under INI (Institute of National Importance).

It has a tertiary care hospital which is controlled directly by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

The government of India has an internal administration of JIPMER.

Why Choose JIPMER?

a) JIPMER does not come under the authority of MCI. It is an autonomous institute.

b) They have the best teachers in India. Some faculties are authors of their medical books available around.

c) It is easy to understand their way of teaching because their approach is very much applauded by their students.

d) JIPMER’s Anatomy department is considered to be the best in India.

e) They have library facilities for all kinds of medical needs and studies.

f) JIPMER is very well disciplined in terms of punctuality as it is much needed in doctors these days.

g) They provide all kinds of provisions related to sports to keep their students and faculty engaged in physical activity.

h) Various people from different parts of the world come to learn medicine in this institute.

i) Futuristically, many good doctors inside and out can be formed and grown in this college.

Available Courses :

  • MBBS
  • MD / MS
  • B.Sc. Nursing
  • MCh / DM
Course LevelUG Degree
DurationThree years
FeeINR 18,430

Location :

The JIPMER institute is located at Pondicherry.

7. King George’s Medical University (KGMU)

About :

KGMU is a medical college which was established on 16th September 2002.

This university has many graduates for over 1250 and postgraduates for over 450 students.

King George’s Medical University has various courses and many faculties that help in creating a bright future for their students.

Placement facilities are available along with the guaranteed job.

Before job placements, they give very good training to students which help them in their on-floor deals.

Why choose KGMU?

a) Medical Laboratory Technician course is available in this university. This course is provided to students with both theoretical and practical knowledge.

b) Their concept of teaching is quite precise which futuristically helps students prevent diseases with laboratory tests.

c) They offer courses such as Blood sample matching, Hematology, serology, cytotechnology, Immunology, Parasitological, etc.

d) Their Postgraduate Medical Laboratory Technician course helps them to conduct research with the help of medical researchers.

e) They help them in maintaining exact reports that were initially complicated.

f) Their MLT program helps them get trained here more than a normal laboratory technician who performs routine tests.

g) The students would get professionally trained. This helps them develop a scientifically and analytically inclined mind to adhere to protocols.

h) Since students here get advanced exposure in their practical knowledge. This gives them a chance to explore vast industries.

Additional Courses :

  • Medicine & Allied Science
  • Pharmacy
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Management and business administration
Course Level2 years
DurationUG Diploma
FeeINR 64,500

Location :

KGMU is located at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh


About :

It is formerly known as SRU (Sri Ramachandra University ).

It is a private college which consists of Various institutions and faculties.

This college was established by Sri Ramachandra Education & Health Trust.

The college was opened in the year 1985.

It was later given a deemed university status in the year 1994.

They are known for their esteemed nature and are approved by UGC and NAAC.

This college has been nominated by WHO for its best education facility.

Why choose SRIHER?

a) If one chooses SRIHER college for medical education their child would excel in their academics.

b) They have a top day one company coming in, which helps students to achieve their goal-based job role.

c) The faculties present here are well trained and experienced who would help in the bright future of their students.

d) The NIRF ranking is one of the main reasons that this college has been prospering.

e) They offer courses for both undergraduate and post-graduate students.

f) The campus is student-friendly with Wi-Fi, long corridors, etc which makes them feel at home.

g)  They have library facilities which allow them access to a vast number of books to be referred.

h) Their admission process has merit options based on the terms and conditions of their policy maintenance.

Available Courses:

  • Pharmacy
  • Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Medicine and Allied Sciences

Location: SRIHER college is located at Porur, Chennai.

Course LevelM.Sc MLT
Duration2 years
FeeINR 1,25,000 / year

9. St. John’s Medical College

About :

St. John’s Medical College is a private college also known as St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences.

This was established in the year 1963 with 150 students accepted at their MBBS course.

The post-graduate students are present quite low but their education system works well.

They have a cultural festival which is considered as the oldest tradition in South of India.

They have many courses which offer students a wholesome level.

Why Choose St.John’s Medical College?

a)  Their Medical Laboratory Technician Course specializes in all the medical laboratory sciences.

b) They help in teaching, training, and research purposes of the college’s most esteemed level.

c)Imaging technology is also available for efficient and effective functioning.

d) They offer a Master’s course in MLT which helps students to showcase their many works into full-fledged teamwork.

e) The placement facilities in this college are maintained regularly with updates.

f) There are various other medical courses available that help in enhancing the student’s future.

h) The campus and infrastructure are very well maintained and good to be true.

g) They mostly prefer Postgraduates in this college as they have very well experienced faculties.

Available Courses :

  • Management and Business Administration
  • Medicine and Allied Sciences
  • Pharmacy
  • Sciences
CourseM.Sc MLT
Duration2 years
FeeINR 46, 545

Location :

St. John’s Medical College is located in Bangalore, Marathahalli.

10. Aligarh Muslim University (AMU)

About :

AMU is a central public university that was established by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in the year 1875.

This university has three off-campus centers all in different states of the country.

They have more than 300 courses available there.

They follow the seventh schedule of the Indian Constitution.

Why Choose AMU?

a) The Medical Laboratory Technician course is conducted as a clinical laboratory course in allied health studies. This study helps in the treatment of other clinical laboratory tests.

b) Various tests conducted by the faculties help students in identifying the various issues. This would help them in sorting out certain problems before occurring.

c) The documentation is done here based on their sampling, testing, and reporting.

d) Within the duration of the whole course, students would be equipped with all laboratory-related knowledge.

e) This AMU University has helped many students to reach their goals and targets on time.

f) They have various scholars who help guide the existing students in their field to achieve their goals.

Additional Courses :

  • Fashion Technology
  • Engineering
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Science
CourseB.Sc MLT
Duration3 years
FeeINR 90,170

Location :

AMU is located in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh.

Other cities: Kerala, West Bengal, Bihar.

11. Jamia Hamdard University


JHM is an education university funded by the government.

It was established in 1989 inaugurated by late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on the 1st of August.

JHU University is known for its eminence as an institute.

The founder of this university was Janab Hakeem Abdul Hameed.

This university specializes in the system of medicine.

Why Jamia Hamdard University?

a) The students who study there get a guaranteed 80% of placement assurance.

b) Most students get paid only in the top recruiting companies which helps them grow in their field.

c) They are ranked at the top among the other Indian universities.

d) Their campus and infrastructure along with their facilities have always been proven to be good.

e) They currently hold more than 650 teaching beds. This helps the medicine practicing students to do well in their future jobs.

f) Faculties are well experienced and highly knowledged to handle tough students.

g) Students in this university mostly get highly paid jobs. This allows them to accomplish their life goals.

Available Posts :

  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Commerce
  • Education
  • Computer Applications and IT
CourseUG Degree
Duration3 years
FeeINR 4.05 Lakh

Location :

JHU is located in Badarpur Road, New Delhi.


Medical Laboratory Technician course is available in almost every medical college nowadays. Mind the other factors as well to help in choosing the perfect fit for you.

Medical colleges have increased in numbers these days.

Sometimes it might feel hard to find the perfect one for you. There are plenty of colleges available but know which one is the right choice for you.

 It can be the placement facilities, the infrastructure of its campus, the rules and regulations, experience of the faculty, reputation of the college, etc. If you want to find the perfect college/university, know what is your aspect and go for it.

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Q1. What is the use of an MLT course?

Ans. Medical Laboratory Technician is a branch of science that uses clinical laboratory tests. These tests are done by the analysis of bodily fluids, tissues, and blood tests. These tests help in dealing with diagnosis treatment and also help with the prevention of various other diseases.

Q2. Where else can I find AMU college branches?

Ans. The other states where we can find this universities are Kerala, West Bengal, Bihar.

Q3. How long is the duration of the UG MLT course?

Ans. Usually, it takes 3 years to complete a UG MLT course.

Q4. Which university offers the lowest fee for MLT course?

Ans. The PGIMER (Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research) offers a fee of INR 2970 per semester.

Q5. Apart from the MLT course what are the other courses AMU (Aligarh Muslim University) offers?

Ans. Fashion technology, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Science are some of the courses offered by AMU.

Q6. Where is Jamia Hamdard University located?

Ans. Jamia Hamdard University is located at New Delhi.

Q7. Which is the best college to study MLT course at Vellore?

Ans. One of the top best colleges to study MLT course at Vellore is Christian Medical College (CMC).


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