Today’s world is very fast. Everyone does lots of work in 24 hours. If you want to efficient use of time then time management is very necessary. We all have the same hours in a day and those who can use their time effectively can balance between work and rest. Very young students should learn how to manage time for study and need effective time management tips.

If you want to be successful by completing all the tasks efficiently, then time management is the keyword and it should learn from the very beginning. For this reason, time management tips are very important for students. In student life, if you are not learning how to manage time, you cannot succeed.

What is time management?


Tips on how to manage time refer to how to use time effectively so that you can complete your task within the time. It is a skill, and everybody should learn this skill. Here we are discussing some important time management tips for students.

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10 effective Time management tips:

1. Schedule your time by creating a calendar:

First, schedule your task according to their priority. Give more time for difficult subjects and less time for easy subjects but do not ignore any subjects or tasks. Place the calendar on the wall above your desk. It will help you to remind your all task and keep on track to complete them on time. These time management tips will help you to be focused on your task. Nowadays digital calendar options are also available, such as Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar etc.

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2. Give priorities for your task:

If you want to do many tasks in a short period then, you should evaluate your priorities. Which subject or assignment needs more time or which assignment’s submission date is near, include it in your priority list. Follow the time management tips and set specific goals for every day. Do not leave your task for the next day.

3. Time for yourself:

All the time no one can work efficiently. Everyone needs mental well-being. There should be break time for mental relaxation in the time management schedule. It is helpful when your brain is in stressful periods. Take short breaks between your work, it will help you to start fresh.

4. Start your day early:

Get up early in the morning and first do some exercise before starting your work. Exercise will help you to be fit and healthy physically, it is also necessary. Doing exercise is an important time management tip. Because, in the early morning, your brain will be more clear, calm and creative. You should learn the difficult subjects in the morning.

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5. No multitasking:

Multitasking means doing more than one task at a time. But in the matter of studies, it is quite impossible to learn more than one subject at once. At a time learn one subject consciously.

6. Minimise distraction:

In our daily life, there are many things which distract us. This distraction can hamper your studies. So, try to minimise the distraction. Social media, emails, messages, and unimportant phone calls can disturb you as well as break your attention. Time management tips say to keep aside your mobile when you are doing your task. In your break time check your mobile.

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7. Remove Stress:

Stress increases when you have to do lots of work but you don’t have much time. This situation make pressure as well as stress. That is called poor time management. So, scheduling your daily chores properly according to time management tips is important.

8. Break your long task into smaller:

Sometimes your study material or projects are lengthy and you get bored to do this. If you get bored then it takes a long time to complete this. In this case, break your task into smaller parts. This will help to stay focused. This is called proper goal setting.

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9. Make an agenda and mark your progress:

First, look down all the studies and assignments and mark the submission dates. Then make an agenda of how many days are left to complete this. In a day how many times each assignment will need? Calculate that properly. Follow the time management tips and complete your assignments at least one day before the submission date, because if any changes will need you have the time to do it. Before making an agenda and after making an agenda what is the progress of your studies, measure it. You can notice a significant difference between these.

10. Sleep Well:

In your busy schedule, enough sleep is also equally important It will help to recharge your brain and body. According to time management tips eight hours of sleep at night is good enough. If your sleep is not complete, you feel sleepy all day and your brain will not be able to understand the subjects. So, setting a bedtime and following this is also important.

These time management tips for students will help them to complete their tasks within the time without stress and help them to become more active as well as handle the work pressure.

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