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There are different ways to develop Creative Writing skills and this is less dependent on qualification and more on skills and passion for writing.

Writing is not everyone’s cup of tea!

We have different ways of learning, however, some of the best ways to inculcate writing skills within you are:

  • Start by Signing up for a Creative Writing Course — Some creative writing courses are available online and few colleges and institutes provide weekend classroom sessions as well. These courses are short but at the same time are extremely effective and create a starting point from where the writer can learn the tips and tricks of writing creatively.
  • Reading a Book — Reading a book related to the subject of Creative Writing would be immensely beneficial. Some of the best books in this regard are —

(a) Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brande,

(b) On becoming a Novelist by John Gardner,

(c) On Writing: Memoir of a Craft by Stephen King,

(d) The Forest of the Trees by Betsy Lerner,

(e) Westward Ho by Samuel Beckett.

Such books give the reader an idea about the techniques and types of writing and how some of the eminent writers in the business view writing as a profession and as a skill that can be improvised.

  • Review your work from others — Another great step can be to submit a writing piece to a professional or a critique service who can review your work and give you some ideas on different aspects of the writing work. One can also share a writing piece with their teacher or trainer to get feedback.

To build your career as a Creative Writer, one must be able to focus on the following aspects of Creative Writing:

1. Improve your Language Skills — It is important to learn around 10 to – 12 new words each day and understand how they can be put into sentences and what are their synonyms and antonyms.

A large vocabulary helps in creative writing since this form of writing is all about being able to express in as many different ways as possible and words are the tools through which a writer can express his emotion to the audience.

2. Work on Imagination — Encourage yourself to imagine as vividly as possible. This is not possible easily because it requires a lot of time and effort as well as a great deal of patience. Expressing your imagination into verbal form can initially be in a verbal form but can later be put into small paragraphs and short passages.

One can even work on his or her imagination from their daily life and the activities and situations that they observe or go through within a day.

3. Start with Writing Prompts — Writing prompts are an extremely effective way to write your creative stuff! They serve as a starting point from where one can build their write-up.

These prompts act as a starting point to express your imagination. They are a great help especially when you are feeling blocked or devoid of inspiration. 

4. Reflect on your Past Writing —  It is very important to be able to have confidence in you so that you are capable to write creatively. For this reason, you should reflect on your past writing. Find out some of your past writing material and assess it.

This will help you learn your level and type of creativity and what you are capable of producing. Even from your most basic work, you can understand the levels of your creative potentiality.

5. Practice, Practice, and Practice! — Like in every other field, Creative Writing requires a lot of practice. One should be able to Write, Review, and Rewrite and then keep repeating the process until the work is perfect in every regard.

Writing creatively is all about generating ideas and then being able to create a story around it.

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