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Creative Writing courses in Chennai are now vital to an individual’s education. Writing is essential, whether it is a business plan, a newsletter, content marketing, content writing, a blog, a screenplay, a script, a tale, a novel, poetry, social media material, or an advertisement.

Freelance writing and ghostwriting have also gained popularity among those seeking an independent source of income or who wish to pursue their passion. Online writing courses provide an in-depth, self-paced education with the abilities necessary to do any required or available writing profession.

What is creative writing?

It’s difficult to answer this question. So we will go with the definition.

“Original writing that expresses ideas and thoughts in an imaginative way”

There are different types of writing which you can learn under creative writing course: epics, novels, poetry, screenplays, short stories, scripts ,songs, etc.

If you are looking to write any of those creative writing forms, here i have listed some creative courses which will provide you a writing platform and guidance.

 Top 10 Creative Writing Courses In Chennai

  1. Henry Harvin 
  2. Education and career time (ECT)
  3. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
  4. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL)
  5. Ed2go
  6. Skillshare
  7. ExpertRating
  8. MasterClass
  9. Coursera
  10. Udemy

1. Henry Harvin Creative Writing Course


Henry Harvin’s creative writing course in Chennai is Asia’s first certified creative writing course. This course is designed for creative writers to endeavour fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama. They will help master your techniques in creative writing by using Idioms, smiles, metaphors, dialogues, etc. The creative writing course helps aspirants to unchained their real-life limitations and improve their vocabulary, enhancing their imaginative ideas. The ultimate intent of the course is to develop the creative writing skills of the learners and develop the professional habits of the writer. 


Duration: 24 hours of training, 50 hours of e-learning 

Trainer: 10+ years experienced trainers.

Live Projects: Experience real-world creative writing projects during the course and training session

Alumni Status: Earn Henry Harvin alumni status and join 18,000+ distinguished alumni network worldwide

Membership: you can get 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin and enjoy benefits such as:

E-Learning benefits: Includes recorded videos, games, projects, case studies

Brush-up Sessions: 12 monthly brush-up sessions 

Internship: Internship with Henry Harvin or partner firms

Job Opportunities: Get job notifications every week

Eligibility: Students, Content writers, Bloggers, Digital Marketers / Marketers / Sales / Business Development professionals, Professors / Teachers / Trainers, Housewives / Retired or Unemployed individuals Anyone willing to polish his existing writing skills or possess the interest to create his own imaginative Write-ups. 

Certification: Certified creative writing specialist (CCWS) by Henry Harvin Education.

Accreditation and Affiliation: American Association of EFL, UK Cert, UKAF, Content Writing Association in India, MSME & Govt of India.

After completing this creative writing course, you will transform into a skilled creative writer and know how to apply the techniques of creative writing, four genres of creative writing, the digital platforms where you can showcase your writing skills.

Check Henry Harvin Other Courses

Henry Harvin Provide Creative Writing courses in these Cities


Henry Harvin Creative Writing Course Ranks #1 in India by India TodayThe Statesman

 2. Education and Career Time

ECT is a training institute which is recognized by the Government of India for content writing. It provides training in different types of content writing including creative writing. It started its journey as a course provider in 2018. Since then, it has trained 55 batches in content writing, digital marketing , communication skills and personality development.

Duration: 3 months course 

Modes of training: 32 hours of classroom/live training, 50 hours of e-learning access.

Live projects: During training you will get to do 5 live projects.

Assignments: You will be assigned 7 assignments during the course.

Take aways: 100% job assistance, lifetime support, work from home job opportunities.

Certification: Become a certified writer recognized by the Government of India.

Eligibility: Appeared or passed 12th exam, participant should be able to read and understand english language.

Their study modules include both fiction and non-fiction creative writing types.

3. Indira Gandhi National Open University


 IGNOU was founded in the year 1985 by the act of parliament. Since then, it has been providing distance education. Diploma in creative writing is one of the curriculum included in their distance learning program. The main objective of their creative writing course is to provide understanding, skill and professional knowledge about the writing and its creativity. They aim to develop the professional writers who are interested in writing careers.

Duration: 1 year

Mode of learning: Distance learning

Eligibility: should be 20 years and passed 12th during admission

The course curriculum includes general writing, feature writing, short story writing, poetry writing, writing for media.

4. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning


Symbiosis centre for distance learning is one of autonomous institutes providing distance learning education in India. Distance learning programs are taught by means of e-learning, live classroom, online classes, computer based assignments and on-demand examinations.

Diploma in creative writing course conducted by SCLD helps aspiring writer to polish their writing skills and acuminates their journey towards professional writing.

Duration: 1 year


  • 12th pass with minimum 50% marks in English 
  • Diploma holder students, students with Bachelor’s Degree, Graduate in any discipline from a recognised University (with English as a subject, passed with 50% or completed Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree,  Graduation in English medium).
  • International and SAARC Graduate from a recognised or accredited University or institutes.
  • Students who have appeared for the final year of examination of their bachelor’s degree program and are awaiting results can also apply, subject to successfully completing their bachelor’s  degree program / graduation within the time period specified by SCDL.

JOB Opportunities: Journalism, Media, Professional writing, publishing,etc.

Diploma in creative writing in english course by SCDL creates an opportunity for the learners to boost their imaginative way of writing by simulating their creative thinking and writing and providing them the required exposure in the different types of writing. Learners will get to know about the writers and media personalities views.

5. Ed2GO Creative Writing Value Suite

“Empowering lives online” ed2go was founded in 1997 to provide education in a faster manner i.e. through online education. They believe that anyone can learn and empower lives through education. They offer more than 750 online education courses which you can learn from anywhere and anytime.

The creative writing course offered by ed2go helps you to know the mechanics of writing, build your editing skill and will enable you to give and receive constructive feedback in the writer’s workshop.

Duration: 72 hours


Beginners writer workshop: you will learn writing techniques, give and take reviews.

Writing Essentials: you will learn grammar, composition, structure required for effective writing.

Editing: after this course you can become your own editor. 

With this creative writing course you can create your story both fiction and nonfiction.

6. SkillShare


Skillshare is an institute providing online education on different topics like design, photography, video, freelancing and many more. They wanted to inspire and multiply the kind of creative exploration that furthers expression, learning and application. The creative writing course is guided by an internationally  acclaimed author. Try the different classes offered by skillshare that teach about creative writing techniques, tools. They have covered different topics like storytelling, character development, creating a plot and how to present your words in a more creative or artful manner. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, these online creative writing tutorials can help you improve your abilities with creative writing exercises. 

You will  have the opportunity to endure new skills to help you create character-driven stories.

Whether you are writing a thriller or working on a short story about a personal experience, you can master your writing. 

Each online class is divided into short lessons that include hands-on projects which you can share accordingly.

Here i have listed few of their popular creative writing classes

  • Storytelling 101: character, conflict, context, and art.
  • Going viral: write, film and make, content people share.
  • Writer’s toolkit: 6 steps to successful writing habits.
  • Creative nonfiction: write truth with style.

Writer’s Toolkit 6. steps to successful writing habits.

This class is conducted by an award winning author Simon van Booy.

He is best selling author of seven books of fiction and three anthologies of philosophy. In this class the aspiring authors will learn to optimize space for their writing style, create a daily routine for writing, and get inspiration to write thier stories. In this 40 mins class you will learn 6 essential steps required to build foundation for your great writing.

7. ExpertRating


ExpertRating is a certified company offering online courses and training to organizations and individuals in more than 160 countries. 2,700,000 people have been trained by expertrating. The creative writing course by expertrating is mainly focused on enhancing creative writing, editing skills and marketing skill. They do provide certification for this course. The online creative writing course gives flexibility to learn from home and attend exams at your convenience.

Duration: 11 lessons

Eligibility: proficiency with basic english language

Requirements for the course: you need internet access, email account, microsoft internet explorer or mozilla firefox web browser.

8. Masterclass

Masterclass another online education platform. It is an American education subscription platform on which students can access  pre-recorded tutorials and lectures on various fields. The writing courses are taught by renowned writers. No matter who you are, you can learn from the pros in their field. The course is divided into completed lessons which you can learn at your own pace. PDF workbooks are available for every class.

Here i have listed few of their creative writing courses:

  • R.L. Stine Teaches Writing For Young Audiences
  • Neil Gaiman Teaches The Art Of Storytelling
  • Shonda Rhimes Teaches Writing For Television
  • Margaret Atwood Teaches Creative Writing

Creative Writing Course by Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood, the author of The Handmaid’s Tale is one of the most influential writers of our times. The tutorial video is 3h 43m.

In this video session you will get ideas about writing perspectives.

Inorder to become a good writer you need to read first. She encourages every writer  to study about history, myths, fairy tales. These studies will act as a building blocks of your stories. 

She also explains about the different point views she used in her handmaid’s tale, bringing different characters to life through details. She guides you to overcome writer’s block, constant interruption or narrative problem.

Besides the above mentioned classes there are other famous writing classes by popular authors, you can check on their website.

9. Coursera


Coursera is one of the leading online learning platforms founded by Daphne Koller and Andrew NG with the vision to provide education to anyone and  anywhere. World’s top universities and educators have partnered with coursera. They offer different courses, degrees, certificates, specializations, degree programs.  

Here i have listed few of their creative writing courses:

  • Creative writing : the craft of plot by Wesleyan University
  • Script writing : writing a pilot episode by Michigan State University
  • Writing and Editing: word choice and word order: University of Michigan
  • Creative writing: the craft of setting and description by Wesleyan university

Creative writing course by Wesleyan University

Duration of this course is approximately 6 months. This content writing specialization mainly covers three genres of writing short story, memoir, narrative essay.

Whether you are a beginner or the professional you can enroll in this course. This specialization course will refine the ability of your writing, find inspiration on your work and aid you to achieve your goal.

During this course session you will draft, rewrite and complete your story in the genre of your choosing.

The real life practical experience or the hand-on practice under the expert writers refines your writing skill.

10. Udemy


Founded in the year 2010 by Eren Bali, Gagan Bilani, Oktay Cagler with a purpose to provide online courses to the students as well as professionals. As for now this online platform had already trained 40 million students. Udemy’s wide range of  creative writing courses helps the writer to build up their career as a professional writer. The writing classes will help the writer to open up the writer’s block.

Creative writing courses by udemy

  • Write a book! Creative writing skills for beginner writers
  • Complete creative writing – all genres
  • How to write characters for a story: creating characters
  • The 30 day creative writing challenge

11.  Novelry

The Novelry is a writing school that provides courses that are both innovative and effective. A multiple-award-winning author developed Creative writing courses in Chennai. There will be an innovative curriculum and a welcoming community of authors.

It offers private tutoring sessions. The Novelry offers numerous courses, including The Book in a Year, The Big Edit, Children’s Fiction, etc. These classes are available to everyone. The lessons will be added daily to The Novelry’s library after registration.

Schedule: Independent.

Type: Individual Session or Course Access.

They provide access to the course for one year. Try out the inexpensive monthly subscription as well.

The fees for The Novelry’s courses are as follows: The Big Idea ($149), The Classic Course ($365), The Ninety Day Novel® ($425 for three months), and The Editing Courses ($485).


  • The Novelry provides self-paced courses, allowing students to determine their schedules.
  • It enables you to select your chosen author teacher for private sessions.
  • The course will begin immediately after enrollment.
  • It supports all currencies and is accessible internationally.

12. Wesleyan University Creative Writing Specialization – Coursera

Coursera remains one of the top options when searching for intellectual learners. It is advantageous not only for information-hungry hobbyists but also for professionals seeking a raise or promotion. The Creative writing courses in Chennai are an introduction to the world of creative writing.

There is no admissions screening, and anyone can participate. Despite being free, the instructors of this course are experienced, authors and professors. The training is self-paced and allows for individual schedule flexibility.

Schedule: Self-paced.

Type: Online video lectures and online assignments.

Duration: Creative writing courses are 4 weeks long.

Pricing: This is a free writing course.


  • Absolutely no cost.
  • After the end of projects, the course sponsors provide discounts and special product offers.
  • Write-bros offers a discount of 80% on subscriptions and 30% on the writing program ‘Scrivener.’
  • Memberships to the online writing community Scribophile are discounted by 30%.

13. Gotham Writers Online Writing Classes

Best for Content writers, Copywriters, Authors, Fiction/Non-Fiction writers, etc.

You will recognize the ‘Gotham Box’ if you’ve ever visited New York City or seen films set there. In 1993, Jeff and David, two dynamic and independent men, founded Gotham Writing Classes. It became prominent among Chennai students, professionals, and other learners.

Since the launch of their online course in 1997, enrollment has never been insufficient. Gotham provides courses in virtually every genre, including article writing, fiction, nonfiction, and Creative writing courses in Chennai. The classroom size is kept deliberately small so that each individual receives the attention they deserve.


Schedule: Self-paced with a doubt clearance session per week.

Type: Online video lectures with a once-a-week Zoom interactive class.

Duration: 10-week workshops and 6-week classes

Pricing: $300-$400/ workshop

Pros of this Creative writing course:

  • Offered both online and offline
  • It is a reputable institution.
  • It also hosts free writing workshops throughout the year.

14. Reedsy Learning 

Courses are ideal for beginning writers in any profession. Reedsy has masterfully crafted a tutorial for every type of writer. Reedsy provides an intelligent and free 10-day  writing workshop. This 10-day course is mailed to us page-by-page, which aids in time management and prevents students from merely cramming the material.

Duration and Schedule: Self-paced.

Type: Provides reading material through emails.

Pricing: Free writing course

Pros of Creative writing courses in Chennai

  • No cost for this writing workshop.
  • Extremely time-efficient.
  • Develops a daily habit of gaining new knowledge.

15. FutureLearn Creative Arts and Media Writing Courses 

FutureLearn is an additional online platform offering micro-credential courses. When applying for cross-disciplinary employment or positions, these courses become indispensable. It is a native British language, and most courses are run/managed by various facilitators who may or may not be affiliated with the university sustaining the course. The multiple courses present a learner with a well-served smorgasbord.

There are three distinct types of subscription plans:

Free; limited course material advantages

Accreditation for a specific course (involves fee)

This membership includes certification for all FutureLearn courses for one year.

Some students have praised the functionality of the courses, while others have complained about subscription scams and certification issues.

Schedule: Self-Paced.

Type: Online video lectures and assignments.

Duration: Depends on the specific course.

Pricing: $279 for an unlimited subscription

Pros of Creative writing courses in Chennai

  • Free education is available for the majority of courses.
  • Home-based learning at your own pace
  • Clarifies fundamental ideas for novices

The foundations of fiction (writing mastery) by Udemy

This course is for creative writers who are passionate about fiction writing. For the one who is looking for inspiration and help to finish their story. 

Attend 56 lectures and learn the writing experience you are looking for.

After the course completion you can write dialogues, create characters, compose and structure plots, construct stories and master the foundations to make great fiction.

You can check other classes on their website

Why Creative Writing Course?

The passionate writers who have all the imaginative ideas with desire  to pen down all their imagination and creative ideas, express their feelings or want to write about real life experience, they just need some platform  and  techniques to refine their writing and reach the audience, creative writing course is just a ladder for them to reach their destiny. 

Creativity is something which is naturally embedded, and to showcase your creativity,  a creative writing course will aid you in a beautiful journey of creation.

Tips for creative writing


Read all kinds of writing or whichever you are interested in. You can use them as a base of your writing, and take references . See how others are writing. Brainstorming is what required. 

Always be ready to write.

Creative ideas can come anytime. So be ready with your tools of writing. Whether it is a notebook or your laptop or a note app on your phone.

Write first Edit later

Whenever any new ideas come in your mind write it down. Let all your imaginary ideas of the story come into flow. Don’t worry about the mistakes, there is always room for the correction. 

Organize and structure

Whatever you are writing you need to give some structure or say organize it, the way you wanted to portray your idea or the way your audience would like to read. It should interest both of you.


Don’t be afraid to share your ideas to the one who can give real, harsh review on your writing. You can always improve.

Hope this article might help you to find whatever you are looking for!! 

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Q.1 Why take a creative writing course?

Ans-Explore creativity in writing, imaginary thinking, open writers block.

Q.2 Is it worth taking a creative writing course?

Ans-Yes!!!.You will get the platform and guidance to learn and share your ideas and writing.

Q.3 Who can enrol in a creative writing course?

Ans-Anyone with the interest in writing. Beginners with an idea to write or the professional looking for an inspiration or to complete their story.

Q.4 What are the different types of creative writing?

Ans-Short story, novels, poetry, script writing, screenplays, epics, etc.

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