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CPA courses in Bangalore are a little tricky to found, right? Don’t worry, I can feel you. CPA courses can be quite costly and require a good educational background as well. I assume many of you are aware of this. Adding to that point, many academies offer CPA courses in Bangalore, but not all of them are worth your time & money.

To solve that issue, I have prepared a list of both online and offline CPA courses in Bangalore for you. All the academies mentioned here are in my opinion very trustworthy and valuable.

Top 10 CPA Courses in Bangalore
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What is CPA?

CPA is Certified Public Accountant. This course is for those who want to advance their careers in the accountancy or finance field. CPA is usually used in English-speaking countries. However, Indian CA and CPA courses are more or less the same. Now that we have addressed common points on the topic, let’s jump right into our list.

List of top 10 CPA courses in Bangalore

CPA course list
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1. Henry Ha`rvin

Why choose the Henry Harvin CPA course’s in Bangalore?  

There is no doubt that Henry Harvin is a market leader when it comes to providing the best CPA courses not just in Bangalore but all over the world. Not only are their courses excellent, but they are also affordable.

While choosing a great academy is important, choosing the right people is even more crucial. In addition to that point, the faculties at Henry Harvin are the best you can ask for from any course. The fact that they have tutors who have global certificates shows the standards of the academy. Nearly 1000 students are benefited from their CPA course in Bangalore.

Furthermore, their courses are prepared in both a theoretical and practical manner. Indeed that is what most students lack in many other courses, the practical aspect of learning a new thing. Henry Harvin has identified the need of the students very well in that aspect.

Accounting and Taxation Course (GST | Income Tax | Balance Sheet | Tally | Excel | Payroll | HR Payroll

Henry Harvin GST Course Ranks #1 in India by Tribune India

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They also help in building their student’s careers after the skill advancement. So, it is basically like a university only.
CPA Course – Student Review from Henry Harvin Institute

What is unique in their CPA course?

Henry Harvin Best Certification Training and Courses

Henry Harvin Ranks #1

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If I start giving all the details about the course, your time will get consumed in the first academy. Rather, I will give you major points of attraction for the courses so that it’s easy for you to compare them with other courses in Bangalore.

  • They have 9-in-1 courses which include, Training, internship, certification, boot camps, projects, placement, and more.
  • Become eligible for Public Accountant jobs.
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied.

Last but not the least, let’s have a look at their course syllabus to see what you can learn in a CPA course.

  • Financial accounting and reporting.
  • Auditing and attestation.
  • Regulation.
  • Business environment and concepts.
  • Soft skills regulations & resume building.

So, think no more and choose their course if you want to be the best in your industry.

Henry Harvin GST Course Ranks #1 in India by Tribune India

Henry Harvin Accounting and taxation course Fees:

Other cities were Henry Harvin courses are provided:


Other courses provided by Henry Harvin:

Also check this video:

2. Coursera

Why choose Coursera’s CPA course in Bangalore?  

One of the things that we can count as a perk for Coursera is that they provide multiple varieties of courses on the same subject. That gives people a chance to not just sign up for any course but rather pick and choose from the plethora of courses available to them.

In addition to that, they are also really budget-friendly. Their fee structure is also something one might want to look into consideration if they are under a tight budget. So, these, and other reasons just like these make Coursera a perfect course for the accountants sitting in Bangalore.

What is unique in their CPA course?

As we discussed, they have a lot of courses on their platform it is not possible to talk about them all, Rather, I have searched for the best course, loved by the student on their platform, and we will only discuss it.

In addition to that, if you want to look at their other courses you can go to their website and check the other courses as well. Who knows what might make the perfect sense to your needs, right!
Ok, now let’s start talking about the course by Michael R Fricke.
Some of the major pro points for this course are,

  1. 100% online
  2. Receive a sharable certificate.
  3. Intermediate-level learning.
  4. The course duration of about 24 hours.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Let’s now examine the syllabus for the course.

  • Forming Enforceable Agreements.
  • Learn Special Rules for Sales Contracts.
  • Know about Enforcing Agreements.
  • Know about Agency and Employment Law.

That’s it. Just a simple yet effective course by Coursera. Which is also loved by many of their ex-accountancy students.

3. Orbit Institutes

Why choose the Orbit Institute’s CPA course in Bangalore?  

Starting in 1997, Orbit Institute has come a long way. The fact that they train and evaluate their faculties regularly states that they also take great pride in having the best tutors in Bangalore. We all know that only a great teacher can make an average student the best.

What is unique in their CPA course?

Post Graduate Program in Accounting and Taxation

Ranked Amongst Top 3 Course | Recognized by Govt of India | ISO 29990:2010 Certified | Award winning Institute | 100% Practical Training

View Course

Before knowing about the course details, let’s have a look at some perks of choosing this course.

  1. More than 7000 students trained already.
  2. They are the most acclaimed CPA Review provider in the USA.
  3. Get global working opportunities while studying.

Finally, let’s talk about what you can learn if you choose to go with this institute.

  • Learn the roles and responsibilities of a CPA.
  • Prepare for CPA exams ( Financial Accounting & Reporting, Auditing & Attestation, Regulation, Business Environment & Concepts)
  • Becker’s CPA Exam Review.

There are many things included in their course to help you find the best career opportunities. So, if you so far liked what they offer then you can check their website to learn more about the course.

4. EduPristine

Why choose the EduPristine’s CPA course in Bangalore?

They are a member of a world-renowned educational provider, Adtalem Global Education. When an institute joins hands with a global network like this, the career opportunities for their students increase greatly. They also have great expertise and experience in the accountancy and finance field.

What is unique in their CPA course?

Before we see what is unique in the EduPristine course, Let’s first see, what are some major points for you to consider these courses?

  1. Learn with mock tests, task-based simulations, and sample problems.
  2. Learn with real-life examples.
  3. A variety of training packages is available to serve different needs of people.

Now, we shift to the part that you were waiting for, the syllabus part. Their course is very inclusive and customized according to the need of time. Here are some of the things you will be learning under their CPA course in Bangalore.

  • Practical and experimental-based training.
  • Soft skills training.
  • Market-ready training.
  • 40 weeks of classroom training.
  • Discussion forums.
  • Career support.

Well, careers like CA, and CPA, require real-time education and training as whatever changes are implemented by the government, the same becomes effective and in practice then and there. So, it is really important that you learn what is that the market is using currently. This is one of the best CPA courses in Bangalore.

5. ArivuPro Academy

Why choose the ArivuPro Academy CPA course in Bangalore?

ArivuPro Academy is a Bangalore-based, accounts and finance-related course-providing academy. One of the points that make them unique is that they offer different courses like CA, CPA, ACCA, CMA USA, and CIMA UK.

What is unique in their CPA course?

Do you like all the focus on you while learning? Then this academy is just right for you as they accept only up to 30 students in a class.

What is more of your concern is the course inclusions. So, let’s dig deep into that part of the details.

  • Get the option to learn from Class Room / Online Coaching.
  • Study materials and last-minute revision kits.
  • Recorded classroom videos in case you miss it.
  • Up to 90 hours of training followed by mock exams.
  • Weekend batches are also available.

Impressive, right? Actually, the weekend classes make it easy for all the working professionals who want to upgrade their careers but can’t take the time to attend classes on weekdays.

Midway Message

Top 10 CPA courses in Bangalore
Image by: Kelly Sikkema

To change the topic, let’s learn something some other important factors related to the field as we already reached the mid-way of our CPA courses in Bangalore finding journey.

What are the career options after doing the CPA course in Bangalore?

On the top of my head, I can remember these major fields you can build a successful career after you are CPA certified.

  • Auditor
  • Financial & Cost Accountant
  • Taxation officer
  • Management Accountant.

What are the Eligibility Criteria to appear for CPA?

  • Indian B.Com graduates are eligible to take the CPA exam.
  • One needs 120 Credits for US CPA Exam & 150 Credits for US CPA License. 

Completed minimum education requirements for US CPA exams and license which is something like,

  • B.Com and M.Com/MBA = 90 or 120 credits + 60 credits = 150/180 credits
  • B.Com and CA/CS/CWA = 90or 120 credits + 60 credits = 150/180 credits

Based on your points you can be qualified/nonqualified to go for the CPA exam.

6. Zell Education

Why choose Zell Education’s CPA course in Bangalore?  

Firstly, Zell Education is a part of our list of best CPA courses in Bangalore due to its high student success rate.

Secondly, their unique teaching models have attracted more than 10,000 students so far and that too people in courses like CA, and CPA is a huge number as this course requires a high intelligence level.

What is unique in their CPA course?

The fact that so many people have learned from them shows why this course is a good choice. Even then I will list down a few more details for you to be sure about choosing them or not.

  • CPA qualified tutors.
  • 85% students’ exam clearance rate.
  • Personal mentorship sessions.
  • Placement support.
  • Recorded lectures to learn at your convenience.
  • LMS with 7000 plus tests, papers, and more.

As previously stated, faculties are the main reason for choosing any academy for many people, and here CPA qualified tutors make it much more appealing to choose them above others.

7. Ample training institute

Why choose the Ample training institute‘s CPA course in Bangalore?

Starting its journey in 2007, Ample training institute has come a long way. They are one of the major players based in Bangalore in providing courses in the fields of Accountancy, Finance, and Taxation.

In addition to that, they were the first in India to have the training rights for the Becker CPA review.

What is unique in their CPA course?

Starting from reading all the way up to sitting in the final CPA exam, they will cover all the aspects making you a CPA-certified person. Want more details? sure, let’s know some more details about their course.

  • Beckers CPA review.
  • Functionally mirrored exams to help students practice with perfection.
  • Team of 100 people to help you learn and solve your doubts at all times.
  • A wide variety of study materials is provided to cover all the aspects of learning.

If you still wish to know more, you can check their website and find out the details from their CPA courses in Bangalore.

8. Mylogic

Why choose Mylogic’s CPA course in Bangalore?

Mylogic is a very different course provider compared to the other academies we listed above. What makes them unique is their Mylogic video learning. Another perk of joining them would be them being partners with well-renowned global programs in the CPA category.

What is unique in their CPA course?

According to the time changing certain things is required. Keeping that in mind, Mylogic changed its system from just being an educational videos provider to a full-fledged and interactive learning platform. Here are some of the things which I think would interest you.

  • Free demo class.
  • Animated detailed videos on all the topics of CPA exams.
  • Live class recordings in case you miss out on your class.
  • Career opportunities with big companies.

Although their fee is on the high-end side, courses like these are generally found in a similar price range only. Due to the benefits and salary packages received after becoming a certified CPA, the fees should be looked at as an investment for your better future.

9. Simandhar education

Why choose Simandhar education‘s CPA course in Bangalore?

Being official partners with AICPA and Becker, Simandhar education has no less than a perfect education system. Standard at their institutes is set very high. Want to take a US CPA course? Well, pick them because they have the best in market courses and facilities to help you become US CPA certified.

What is unique in their CPA course?

In the beginning, I would like to say that they offer both US CPA and Canada CPA courses. Not only that, but they also provide a course named the CPA bridge course.

One more thing that could be a reason to choose them is their user-friendly website interface. I have seen that some websites can be tricky to use and hence some students end up not using them to the optimum levels, but that is not the case for their CPA courses in Bangalore. They have a simple, clean, and easy-to-understand UI. Now, let’s talk about their course details.

(Points below are for their US CPA course)

  • Live training.
  • Study with Becker products.
  • Support on licensing, board selection, and evaluations.
  • One-on-one session with well-known subject matter expert, Sripal Jain.
  • Kikifin placement support.
  • Be a part of their stock market groups to learn and understand the trends.

If you feel like this course was number nine on our list and hence it won’t be as good as others then I hope your doubt is gone now. I have tried my best to find the best courses and other average ones. As this course is of high level, the academies providing courses should also be up to the mark, right!

10. Vg learning destination

Why choose the Vg learning destination‘s CPA course in Bangalore?

Finally, we are looking at the last CPA course in Bangalore from our list. That certainly doesn’t mean that this course will be any lesser than the courses above. Vinod Gupta founded VG learning destination in the year 1997.

With more than 1,50,000 students, including rankers, this academy is present in more than 150 countries. Vinod Gupta is also awarded National Gaurav Award in the past. Things like these help us trust the academy even more.

What is unique in their CPA course?

I know you want to know about the course details. Got it, let’s dig right into it.

  • Learn from the study material provided by Becker.
  • Prepare for all four exams namely FAR, AUD, REG, and BEC.
  • 260 plus live study hours.
  • 250 plus mock tests, simulations, and a study planner.
  • After course engagements.

With this, we come to an end to our top 10 CPA course in Bangalore’s discovery journey. Now that you have come up to the end to read the full blog, you must receive something extra, right? As a thank you, I have added some additional information that will be very useful for someone like you, who is just starting their career journey.

CPA courses
Image by: Jess Bailey

What are some commonly used terminologies in the field of accountancy and finance?

  • Audit Trail stands for – Allow financial transactions to be traced to their source.
  • Job Costing stands for – Job Costing tracks the costs of a particular job against its revenues.
  • Master Account stands for – A Master Account has subsidiary accounts.
  • Reconciliation stands for – The act of proving an account’s balances; debits and credits equal
  • Treasury Stock stands out – Shares a company retains or buys back once offered to the public for purchase.
  • Amortization stands for – Amortization is a method of spreading an intangible asset’s cost throughout its useful life. Intangible assets are non-physical assets that are essential to a company, such as a trademark, copyright, or franchise agreement.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) stands for – Return on Investment is a simple calculation used to determine the expected return of a project or activity in comparison to the cost of the investment, typically shown as a percentage.

Summing up the list of Top 10 courses in Bangalore

Becoming the best in one’s field is a common desire that we all have right? Those people who are in the field of accountancy or finance can advance their careers with a CPA certificate in their hands. US CPA is considered equal to the Indian CA course.
Before choosing where to do your CPA course, have a look at with whom they have partnered. Also, the CPA course fee tent to be on the high side so make sure you are financially prepared for taking up the course. Don’t worry, the salary you will be getting after being certified will cover all your fees in no time. I hope you liked the list and found it educational. If you know of any other CPA course in Bangalore, then please comment below and let us know.

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1. What is CPA?

Certified Public Accountant is the title of a qualified accountant in numerous countries in the English-speaking world.

2. Is there an educational requirement for opting for the CPA course?

Yes, it requires the basic graduation degree with a master’s degree or membership in Indian chartered accounts/cost accounts.

3. What are the career options after CPA?

You have Options like, Senior Financial Analyst, Risk and Compliance Professional, Corporate Controller, Accounting Software Developer, Personal Financial Advisor, Finance Director, and more.

4. Is the CPA course costly?

In comparison to other accountancy courses, Yes, CPA courses are generally high on fees. Usually ranging from 75000 to 3-4 Lacs, depending on the academy you choose.

5. Is CPA the same as CA?

In the US, CPA is considered higher on the other hand in India and many other countries CA is considered more in demand. However, they are quite similar.

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  1. Hariram singh Reply

    Practice questions from Henry Harvin are designed to simulate the CPA exam. By reading through all the classes and completing practise questions, I was able to pass all the CPA examinations on my first attempt. I appreciate all you do to help your learners shine.

  2. Kavita singh Reply

    The ways Henry Harvin CPA curriculum is streamlined, having a designated person for everything, and the support they provide were really impressive and I chose Henry Harvin without a second thought. The live classes are really enlightening, as you see so many successful professionals, yet they chose to pick up another course to scale up their career. Be it the academics support or placement, Henry Harvin always had their feet forward to help their students.

  3. Henry Harvin is undoubtedly one of the best institutes i have been ever at i just joined the CPA course in Bangalore and i am proud at my decision being part of Henry Harvin family.The instructors are very eligible and qualified last but not the least study material provided is full of interesting and new questions.

  4. I am very glad to know that Henry Harvin is now in Bangalore . I have just completed my Schooling and my main subject was accounts and i liked it very much .And now i am thinking of enrolling in CPA course and i was suggested that Henry Harvin Education will be best for it

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  6. I’m happy to let you know that I finished the CPA course at Henry Harvin, and I want to express my sincere gratitude to the instructors for their assistance. Henry Harvin, who sincerely helped me during this course and gave me moral support whenever I needed it, is the best mentor, in my own opinion.

  7. Saying that I am a Certified Public Accountant makes me feel wonderful. The fact that I finished it with Henry Harvin Education makes me feel much better. I owe a lot of gratitude to the instructor who taught me. Additionally, the study materials were created to help learners understand concepts.

  8. Currently, Henry Harvin is undoubtedly among the top colleges for CPA training. Bangalore’s exclusive coaching will offer face-to-face CPA lessons. I found that having Henry Harvin CPA course as a partner greatly helped me during the course and exam.

  9. Aspiring CPAs can choose Henry Harvin Education as a superb platform to guarantee their success on the CPA exam. The staff is incredibly committed and hardworking. Henry Harvin’s advice and support played a role in my achievements.

  10. Up until the first exam, I had no idea how well I had studied. I was so well-prepared by Henry Harvin  CPA course in Bangalore that after just a few minutes on the exam, I knew I would pass and the pressure had vanished.

  11. I have referred a lot of people to the Henry Harvin CPA Courses in Bangalore, and I will keep doing so for everyone I know who is considering taking the test. If I ever have to take another professional certification test, Henry Harvin will be my first choice for test preparation.

  12. My learning experience was greatly impacted by Henry Harvin’s support, which covered from the outstanding materials on the platform to assistance from those who work there as well. After analyzing some of the classes because I was so interested about the course, I enrolled myself in a CPA course. Regards, Henry Harvin

  13. My journey to become a CPA has been supported by Henry Harvin in a way that is nothing short of wonderful. My skills have improved, and the Henry Harvin CPA course has kept me interested.

  14. Practice questions from Henry Harvin are designed to simulate the CPA exam. By reading through all the classes and completing practise questions, I was able to pass all the CPA examinations on my first attempt. I appreciate all you do to help your learners shine.

  15. The Henry Harvin CPA study guide is similar to enrolling in a class that is entirely based on the CPA Exam. There is a huge amount of real practise along with all the information you require. The teachers at Henry Harvin are exceptionally skilled and incredibly helpful to each and every student they encounter.

  16. I was really confident coming into exam day because I did well on the practise exams. Without Henry Harvin, I would not have succeeded. I never experienced any troubles after enrolling in Henry Harvin’s CPA course. Mentors were always available to provide helpful advice. Many thanks

  17. I succeeded on my first attempt at the CPA Exam. This journey was made enjoyable by Henry Harvin; I discovered new things and enjoyed a few smiles. My decision to enrol in the CPA programme at Henry Harvin was a wise one. And I cherish being a member of the Henry Harvin family.

  18. The Henry Harvin CPA Course is a good, affordable addition to a course. This is a useful study tool with a great support network that may be utilised as your main course but works best as an additional study help.

  19. Students in the Henry Harvin CPA course can use accounting software to specify the precise topics that need to be covered. This ensures the minimum study period. They stand apart from the competition due to their cutting-edge accounting tools.

  20. You’ll learn interesting tricks to recall serious topics from the interesting lectures. Students who frequently find it difficult to concentrate during lectures and who are searching for a more affordable choice may benefit greatly from the Henry Harvin CPA course.

  21. The best CPA courses are those offered by Henry Harvin. To make sure you understand the subject matter, the lectures provide step-by-step instructions. Instructors give you hundreds of multiple-choice questions and guide you through the challenging situations, giving you the repetition you need to succeed.

  22. This CPA course contains valuable information for you if you’re trying to simplify the procedure and make it as effective as possible. Henry Harvin Academy must be a good fit for you if you choose to concentrate on your studies on the Accounting topics you are weakest in rather than learning in a traditional manner and going through all study materials.

  23. If you want the most comprehensive study materials and the most practise questions, CPA is the course for you. The students who had the most problems learning accounting topics the first time around in school are the ones who are expected to benefit the most from this.

  24. The study guides for Henry Harvin CPA course are comprehensive and heavily loaded with legal terms. Although many students appreciate extremely thorough courses, you can feel overloaded by the data presented.

  25. The study materials for the Henry Harvin CPA course include all the information you may possibly need. Additionally, they provide cutting-edge tools that are superb at guiding you through each subject and preventing you from becoming lost in their huge question banks.

  26. Students who struggle to concentrate while studying should take this CPA course, in my opinion. If you struggle to stay awake during some of your accounting courses, taking the Henry Harvin CPA course will help you stay awake.

  27. The content, course materials, and teachers for the Henry Harvin CPA course are all leading. If you’re a student who requires adaptable and in-depth resources. The Henry Harvin course should be taken. There are numerous ways to finance your purchase.

  28. If you want to work at your own pace without being burdened by deadlines, the Henry Harvin course is a fantastic choice. They are also a great option due to their high-quality, user-friendly CPA Exam materials. I wholeheartedly advise using their study materials if you want to have the best chance of becoming a CPA.

  29. Henry Harvin offers CPA training. The chance to learn about CPA information in a live classroom setting is advantageous, but the success of the course depends on the instructor. Fortunately, Henry Harvin’s instructors are highly skilled and frequently receive positive feedback from learners.

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