With the internet penetrating our lives completely, everything has changed; whether it’s work or leisure, shopping or entertainment, studies or research, we are all the time connected to the net. No wonder then that the vastness of content writing engulfs us in awe as there are so many genres, technological tools that it seems like an endless ocean.  

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Everybody knows “Content is king” but a little amendment to it is necessary, not all content rules, to be a king the content needs to be “good” then only it will attract visitors to your website and help improve your search engine ranking. This is the reason why proficient content writers are high in demand these days and big companies invest in them heavily.

Content writers may be in high demand today but how easy is it to become a good content writer? I would say rather difficult because writing may be an art, but with digitalisation it has become an amalgamation of art with science. There are numerous skills and techniques that a content writer needs to develop before being able to make a mark.

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How can an aspiring writer become a good content writer? Books have always been called knowledge banks and there is no dearth of good content writing books, in fact, there are so many that you may get puzzled as to what to read and what not to read. So, how do you find the best books to read for content writers?

To make things easier for you and help find the answer to this question here is a list of Content Writing Books that have made it to the list of Top 10 Books to Read of All Time. 

#1. The Only CONTENT WRITING HANDBOOK You’ll Ever Need-   Kounal Gupta

Making it to the top of best books to read for content writers is Kounal Gupta’s The Only CONTENT WRITING HANDBOOK You’ll Ever Need. This content writing book being the most recent on the block is updated with the latest information and imparts practical knowledge to new as well as seasoned writers. Authored by Kounal Gupta, the founder and CEO of Henry Harvin Education, this content writing book is bound to become one of the good books to read for content writers as the author has been at the helm of affairs in providing content writing training to thousands of individuals.

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The author has shown a smart choice of words in the title of his content writing book which clearly indicates that everything a modern-day digital content writer needs, has been covered.

Being personally involved in all aspects of Certified Digital Content Writer (CDCW) training imparted by his company, he has complete insight into why even good writers fail to make a mark in this industry.  He has sprinkled nuggets of wisdom in the form of tips, tricks, tools, templates, strategies, and best practices in this content writing book that can help you to write well.

This is one of the best books to learn content writing as it will help you in developing skills to write 30+ content types just by devoting 1-hour to each subsection. So whichever genre you want to create a niche for yourself- Creative Writing, Technical Writing, Research Writing, SEO Writing, writing E-Books, Emails, or White Papers, the content writing book has it all.

Towards the end of the book you will get acquainted with various content writing tools and how to use them, also get detailed guidance on how to get content writing jobs online.

There are very few content writing books like The Only CONTENT WRITING HANDBOOK You’ll Ever Need which has a universal appeal as it caters to newcomers and experienced writers alike. 30+ content types are covered, each with lots of examples, effective tools, and relevant links.

The icing on the cake is that each subsection has an independent identity, thus making this content writing book easy to read and refer to.

Comprehensive and practical, this book certainly has the potential to become the best book on content writing and find its way into must-read book lists in the near future.  

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#2. Content Writing Step-By-Step- Joseph Robinson

The author of Content Writing Step-By-Step, Joseph Robinson is a seasoned writer, with quite a few books for content writers to his credit. In his latest book he imparts knowledge to content writers on how to write content that converts and becomes a successful entertainer for online audiences.

Drawing from his experiences the writer has shared insight on various aspects of digital content writing. The key takeaway from this content writing book is that while good content is most essential to succeed, the knowledge of how to maximize the components of SEO is no less important. 

Another good aspect touched by the author is that he has highlighted the differences between writing content for social media and blogs; and realizing the importance of writing for social media sites in modern times, he has shared some good tips and tricks. The book makes an interesting book to read as it is sprinkled with useful advice on creating compelling web content and how to persist through roadblocks and move ahead.

This is one of the best books to read for amateurs and beginners, but if you are an experienced writer do not put it on your must-read book list.   

#3. Everybody Writes- Ann Handley

Finding a place in the list of best books to read for content writers is Everybody Writes, which the author Ann Handley promises will help you create ridiculously good content. This content writing book is an A-to-Z guide to creating content, where the author has tried to include all aspects like important writing rules, grammar essentials, common publishing concerns, and the mechanics of writing on social media.

Although this book concentrates on pure content marketing, it is way different from the other books on content writing as the author Ann Handley speaks about the tricks and tactics that are uncommon and promise better results.

Being a top marketing veteran, Ann Handley has perfectly used her experience to analyze the marketing structure in this content writing book.

The author puts a higher value on content creation and gives practical tips in ways to improve your short and long-form content. She extends her expert guidance and insight to bring the expected results through the complete understanding of the process and strategy of content creation, production, and publishing.

Found more useful by experienced writers, this book does not fall in the category of best content writing books for beginners, thus, if you have just started, do not put this on your must-read book list. 

#4. Make Money As A Freelance Writer- Sally Miller and Gina Horkey

If you are looking to turn your writing hobby into a lucrative part or full-time career and that too along with having the freedom to choose when and where to work, but don’t know where to start, then this content writing book, Make Money As A Freelance Writer by Sally Miller and Gina Horkey, is the answer.

This content writing book is counted among good books to read mainly for freelance writers who take up content writing as a career and make money online. This content writing book is a 7 steps guide which focuses on teaching you how to get your first client and start earning money within a month.

One of the interesting books to read as the authors guide you to select the top niches, create your own freelance writing portfolio, start outsourcing writing works, get your first client and earn, and all in seven easy steps. 

It is one of those books for content writers that is beneficial to you if you are already proficient in writing techniques as it stresses more on improving your saleability rather than how and what of writing.

Ideally, if you have just started as a content writer and are looking to enhance your writing skills and style then better not to have this content writing book on your list as the best books to read. 

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#5. Letting Go of the Words- Janice (Ginny) Redish

Letting Go of the Words is counted by many as one of the best books of all time for content writers to know about content strategy for web sites and learn search engine optimization (SEO).

With time things have changed and accordingly, website design and development have become more sophisticated, thus, as a content writer you need to optimize your writing for the web. The author, Ginny Redish, who is a well-known expert on information design, in this book throws light on interactive technologies and how to make the most of it to attract traffic. The second edition of this content writing book carries all the invaluable information of the first edition plus all the new and innovative techniques are incorporated along with numerous new examples.

You can count this content writing book as one of the good books to read for gaining knowledge on content strategy for web sites and social media, but do not keep it on your must read books list if your aim is to learn content writing techniques and tools. 

#6. The One Hour Content Plan- Meera Kothand

The One Hour Content Plan by Meera Kothand promises exactly what its name suggests, to help you generate a full year’s worth of traffic building and sales boosting content ideas in just 60 minutes or less. If you are struggling to find great content ideas for our websites and blogs or you are on the lookout for ideas on what to write for your audience and how to sell your products or services, then, this content writing book is good for you.

This how-to content writing book is a good read for aspiring bloggers who can get specific answers to a lot of their queries regarding content strategy. You may find it one of the good books to read for content writing as it guides you to be able to generate lots of content ideas easily and very quickly. The book teaches 5 types of content that will be helpful in impressing your readers and subscribers, attracting them towards your products or services.

This book is not counted as one of the best books to read on content writing due to its limited appeal, but certainly makes an interesting book to read, if you have just started. 

#7. The No-Fluff Guide To Writing Web Content- Alina Bradford

Alina Bradford, the author of The No-Fluff Guide To Writing Web Content, is an experienced freelance writer. This content writing book is a realistic approach to different aspects of content writing gained from her experiences as a writer.

Claiming to be one of the best books to read by some content writers, the author stresses that the audience must get what they are looking for, therefore, to be successful, a content writer must know how to create awesome content.

It falls in the category of interesting books to read by budding content writers, providing tips on crafting meaningful articles and blogs, using SEO to make search engines happy. There are also some general spelling and grammar tips, for the readers along with free reference sites. Alina’s plain and straightforward writing makes good reading and hammers the point straight to the point, saving you from suffering common pitfalls in writing. The book also highlights the importance of strategy as without a strategy your content will never reach its full potential.

It is one of the good books to read if you are in the need to know what content writing is all about, but to what extent will this content writing book help you in progressing your career that depends on how much of her advice you can put into practical use. 

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#8. How To Make A Living With Your Writing-  Joanna Penn

Making it to our list of top 10 books to read of all time for content writers is Joanna Penn’s How To Make A Living With Your Writing merely because it imparts invaluable knowledge about how to earn well in this profession.  Gaining from her long years in writing books and blogging, this self-taught author imparts tips on how to use words to create products and attract readers. Sharing her experiences in this content writing book, the author guides you on how to make a six-figure income from writing books, blogging and marketing, that too, in an ethical manner.

Having quite a few published books to her credit, in this content writing book the author shares invaluable tips on various publishing options including how to self-publish an ebook, a print book and even an audiobook. This book also guides you on how to make money online in other ways like business powered by content marketing or product sales, etc.; there are ample of opportunities to be tapped. How To Make A Living With Your Writing comes out to be very readable and carries a very personal tone, as all the information is being imparted by someone who has learnt the hard way what works and what doesn’t.

If you are trying to publish your book or trying to earn well in this industry, then surely you may find this book content writing book as one of the best books to read, as the author shares plenty of ideas and links to resources and websites on how you can earn money through your writing skills. 

#9. The Scribe Method- Tucker Max & Zach Obront

Written with the sole aim to guide you on how to write and publish your non-fiction books, The Scribe Method is one of the best books of all time for content writers eager to write a non-fiction book.

Authored by Tucker Max and Zach Obront, this content writing book throws light on the step-by-step method to inspiring authors to write and publish their books. One of the good books to read, it enumerates the time tested and proven processes that assist to navigate the entire book-writing process, the right way, from start to the finish. This book is one of the interesting books to read if you are working on a non-fictional book. You can count it as your go-to book when you are looking for tips on how to write memorable and effective content that will be well accepted and highly rewarding.

The Scribe Method is no doubt one of the best books to read for experts of different fields like business leaders, personal development gurus and entrepreneurs, those who have years of hard-earned knowledge and want to share it with the world, but if you are a beginner, just started content writing, then avoid to mention this content writing book in your must read books list.

#10. Writing for the Web- Lynda Felder

Through this content writing book- Writing for the Web, the author, Lynda Felder stresses on the need to create compelling web content and provides invaluable guidance on how to successfully achieve it. This content writing book will teach you everything you want to know about how to create effective Web content with the help of words, pictures and sound.

The author, Lynda Felder, who has more than 15 years of experience shares easy-to-follow guidelines with ample examples in this content writing book, good for beginners. She has illustrated the key concepts effectively, how to write interactive stories; create clear copy; and work on compelling images, motion graphics into your content. Understanding the law of the web, the author explains how visitors will just skim around the title and subtitles and not bother to read it, if you do not get your content right.

Acclaimed as one of the content writing books for beginners this guide is clearly written and provides a fun and practical approach to Web writing. The author advises writers by using concise, straight-to-the-point style to demonstrate techniques that will assist in writing sharp and focused Web copy. The book also has exercises and prompts developed by the author that helps to focus on writing practices and guidelines.

An interesting book to read if you wish to learn about how to effectively communicate information to an intended audience and make an outstanding impact. 

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Undoubtedly, content writers are living in the best time ever; the demand is huge, the scope is infinite and the money is good, as well, but at the same time the competition is massive and the ever-changing landscape demands content writers to be proficient, adept and updated.

In such a scenario, working as a freelance writer or writing content for your website or creating a blog or a book, most of the writers get stuck somewhere, this is when you need to read content writing books that can help accomplish your aspiration. Some of you may realize that your language is good enough but you are still struggling to make an impact or you are technically sound, well aware of how to exploit the SEO tools to the fullest, yet not able to attract traffic, then these books will work as your guide and mentor.

Taking help from these recommended books you can learn to turn mediocre content into majestic, as each one of them delivers a road map to better your content. These are good books to read which will enhance your understanding of the business value of content and help you in making smarter decisions.

While all the above-mentioned books are the best books to read for content writers, it’s not that each of them is beneficial to all aspiring writers. Some of them cater to specific genres, some others are all about the commercial aspect and few of them are related to writing and publishing books.

Thus, it’s imperative that while purchasing any content writing book you must be clear on what it is that you want from it, if not, you might be highly disappointed and the book may just adorn your bookshelf. 

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