“Great content feasts on bad content.“

Content Writing Agencies / Services in India – Would you like to read sloppy and boring content? I believe no(unless you have insomnia). No matter which industry you belong to, you need content writers or content writing agencies to create engaging content. Strong content lures. Strong content rules.

We have all written weak content. However, no one writes weak content intentionally, of course. In fact, no one labels their content bad and utterly useless. But a wise man always stays ahead of the competition by being his own critic. Otherwise, strong content engorges on the weak, debilitates it, and paralyzes it completely.

“Half of being smart is knowing what you’re dumb at.”

David Gerrold

Good content or bad content? How do you figure it out?

The sooner you realize you need help, the better. Here is a list that can evaluate your content:

Good content should be :

  1. Relevant
  2. Entertaining
  3. Helpful
  4. Authentic
  5. Visual
  6. Data-driven and data-based
  7. Thorough
  8. Optimised
  9. Save-worthy

Bad content is usually:

  1. Boring
  2. Sloppy
  3. Dense
  4. 100% promotional
  5. Predictable
  6. Written for the sake of writing
  7. Dated

So, how many of these violations have you committed? And do you plan on fixing it and how?

The list can be endless unless you inject the right tactics and thought into your content.


Hence, if your written content doesn’t work well for your business, why not outsource the job to the experts?

Don’t worry if you have a boatload of ideas, but still can’t strategically create good content because you can hire Content Writing Agencies in India.

Who are Content Writing Agencies / Services in India ?

Content Writing Agencies in India writing services to other businesses because of the rise in online activities.

These content creation agencies in India provide professional writing services to organizations as per the need. Businesses inform the requirements and the agencies create a team of writers who deliver the results after many revisions.


Here are the Top 10 Content Writing Agencies / Services in India.

1. Content Whale – Content Writing Agencies / Services in India

Content Whale

Post Graduate Program in Content Writing

Ranks Amongst Top #5 Upskilling Courses of all time in 2021 by India Today

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This is a Mumbai-based organization and a group of young, experienced writers comprises it. They focus on about 42 principal areas of content creation: technical writing, copywriting, web content creation, articles, blogs, product descriptions, and much more. Another important service they provide is proofreading.

They deliver across 13+ industries and 42 verticals. You can visit their website to evaluate the price of their services as they have an online estimator.

They have 100 writers and 20 editors who promise to deliver quality tasks within 36 hours.

With over 200 clients, they have become one of the best content writing agencies in India. Some of their clients are Quikr, MakeMyTrip and TechMagnate.

2. Estorytellers – Best Content Writing Agencies / Services in India


Another popular Content Writing Agency in India is Estorytellers. the principal focus is on SOP(statement of purpose) writing. Estorytellers are also a subsidiary of the famous Write Right.

This team of young writers helps your applications be distinct by providing the best service. They offer to make your SOP engaging, unique, and relevant through clearly structured ideas.

Thus, they help you get admissions to the institutes of your choice after a discussion about your achievements and goals in life.

However, they also provide other services: blog writing, copywriting, creative writing, website content writing, translation services, resume writing, and more.

Some of their clients are Blue shark labs, Bajaj Finserv, Sun Media Marketing to name a few.

The renowned writer Bhavik Sarkhedi is the founder of this organization (there are many more).

3. Write – Right – Content Writing Agencies / Services in India

Write - Right

This is the highest-rated content writing agency in India.

Founded by the eminent writer and creative content developer, Bhavik Sarkhedi, Write-Right comprises a 25 member team who are expert writers.

Bhavik Sarkhedi is a best-selling author and has featured in reputed international magazines like entrpreneur.com and The Huffington Post.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, they offer services such as technical writing, copywriting, ghost-writing, creative writing and more.

They adhere to deadlines rigidly, without compromising on the quality promised. In their 10 years of service, they have provided 100% satisfaction to their clients without fail.

They have over 1200 clients and partner with over 50 businesses. Recognized and awarded by Trustpilot, Glassdoor, Clutch and Goodfirms, Write-Right is advancing progressively.

4. Scatter – Content Writing Agencies / Services in India

Founded in 2015, Spiral content solutions was incorporated earlier under the name Spiral content solutions Pvt. Ltd. They function by partnering with over 700 reputed content creator freelancers.

They also offer software for workflow management, automated content strategy and smart storytelling.

They help their clients in content marketing through successful strategies. Localisation of content is their niche.

They create content across formats: video blogs, E-books, GIFs, articles, newsletters and more. Through their powerful dynamics, they enable your content to reach the right customer.

Their offices are in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and UAE.

5. TextMercato – Content Writing Agencies / Services in India

TextMercato started about 8 years back and today they have clients across industries. They deliver services to travel, real estate, fashion, healthcare, hospitality industries and more.

Established by Kiran and Subhajit, who were working for the international market earlier. Seeing the potential in the Indian markets, they assembled a team of dedicated content writing experts and garnered an excellent reputation.

Some of their clients are Myntra, Urban Ladder, Amazon and Cleartrip. They specialise in all kinds of writing: product description, interviews, buying and selling guides, SEO articles, blogs, emails, quiz and white papers.

6. Italics – Content Writing Agencies / Services in India


Another Content Writing Agency / Services in India that is Located in the heart of the country, Delhi, and has surely won many hearts. It is a premium content writing agency in India.

They create professional content, beginning with a thorough needs analysis and R&D, followed by brainstorming on the client’s requirements.

Their meticulous and creative approach has helped their customers increase their revenues.

They have empowered over 200 clients across 12 countries. Some of their well-known clients are Dabur, Airtel, Samsung, Nestle and Canon.

They provide 21 types of content, along with graphic designing to help other businesses

7. JustWords – Content Writing Agencies / Services in India


JustWords (a Gurgaon-based organization) has bagged the prestigious Google awards for two consecutive years. They are one of the best in India.

Apart from content creation, they also dedicatedly work on content marketing, content strategy, SEO, social media, web design and website development. (Their website appeals to me because of its minimalist design).

They possess 11 years of hard-core experience, which they harness to provide personalized campaigns to each client. They have provided their digital content services to HDFC ergo, Homify, Alliance Fintech and others.

8. Das Writing Services – Content Writing Agencies / Services in India

Das Writing Services

This next-Gen content developer is voice optimised too!

A company founded by 3 ambitious people is a present-day team of 50+ creative minds. After 7 years of committed work, today Das Writing services have become a familiar brand.

They ensure quality of its truest meaning and craft content, observing the client’s requirement. They specialise in delivering content before time.

With over 700 projects delivered with a 100% client satisfaction they have carved a niche. They also offer free writing samples of up to 2000 words.

Because of their persistence, they have reached international clients too. Since the client satisfaction is high, they retain most of the clients for repeated services.

Some of their major clients are American Express, Sony Live, ICICI Prudential .
Their services are YouTube video description, Quora post writing, Cortana and Google optimised content, Alexa and Siri optimised content, SEO article and much more. They are affordable service providers too!

9. Pepper Content – Content Writing Agencies / Services in India

The founders, Anirudh Singla and Rishabh Shekhar, started working on this from their dorm in BITS Pilani.

They are one of the largest platforms in India where content creators and brands meet.
They have over 45000 content creators who deliver projects seamlessly.

Also, they have a one of a kind dashboard that manages all the projects in one place because customers like to know the status of their projects.

They help you develop and improve better content through their network integration and editorial review process.

Additionally, they offer podcasts and script-writing services too. Some of their clients are Swiggy, Times Network, India Today.

10. Inksplore – Content Writing Agencies / Services in India

Inksplore started at home by only one person and today it has grown into a 40+ team in-house and other storytellers, remote writers, SEO Analysts and editors.

Apart from content writing services in India, they also focus on branding solutions. Brochure content and design, presentation content and design, logo design and digital marketing are their niche.

They have been in business for 7 years and have delivered over 35000 projects.

Not all content writing companies function the same way. You must know what you want and then decide.

You can hire a freelancer, content writing company or content writing agencies in India that pools remote freelancers. If you wish for content infused with SEO, then go for companies well-versed in SEO.

However, if outsourcing doesn’t impress you, then roll up your sleeves and invest in a decent content writing course and learn the art yourself. Design and create your own content as per your preference.

Henry Harvin for Content writing Academy

Start learning content writing at India’s most distinguished institution, Henry Harvin.

Henry Harvin Provides 36 hours of live online training and you get to learn from the experts. You get a 1-year gold membership of the Henry Harvin Academy for the content writing course.

HH helps you do projects in learning skills, research writing, technical writing, academic writing and more.

They provide a 100% placement guarantee with a one-year job support post-completion.

We get access to E-learning materials like tools and techniques, video content and assessment.

This CDCW certification has global recognition and you can apply for jobs across the world .

Apart from all the above benefits, you grow into a skilled writer because you learn different content types. You learn to translate thoughts into words and learn essential language skills, too.

HH also shows how to research any topic and identify the potential target audience.

With the help of this CDCW course (Certified Digital Content Writing) you can transform your thoughts into a professional write-up. So if your interest lies in creating content and you don’t know how, then Henry Harvin is the right place to start with.

Course fee: INR 15000/-

For more details, please log on to: https://www.henryharvin.com/content-writing-course

Or call: 91-9015266266

For readers who are interested in learning more about content writing agencies, please continue reading.

Have trouble deciding whether you should hire a content writing agency? If so, let me help. Let’s look at the benefits of hiring them.


Course Types, Benefits, Fees:

Content Writing Course Fee Structure please check it here:-


Henry Harvin Provides Content Writing Course in these Cities:


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Why is it important to hire a content writing agency for your business?

I recommend these content writing agencies in India to create content for your business. A rich experience and skill can transform any idea into existence.

There are many dos and don’ts for developing content strategically. Besides grammar and syntax, there are other details to focus on. Integrating the right keyword and researching is time-consuming.

To create appealing content, we require extra effort and expertise, so it is better to leave it to the specialists.


So are you successfully running a company and want to expand it? Do you need quality content? Sure you do. Your online presence is important. It builds your brand and helps you gain credibility. This helps to attract more customers as they find it easy to spot you and find what you offer.

Even if your company isn’t an online eCommerce store, you would still require your website to be quality rich and informative. A well-received content is engaging, unique and resonating. Therefore, to ensure profits, you must hire a content writing agency in india, who would serve the content according to the needs.

They can incorporate all the requisites and make your content quality-rich.

Brand promotion

Your brand defines you. If people buy from you, it’s because your brand speaks to them. If you have brand patrons, then there is no stopping.

Building a powerful brand must be the focus. Your product details, customer emails and the entire shopping experience must win the customer’s attention while beating the competition.

content writing agencies in India can effectively promote your brand. Some ways are:

  1. Telling customers the humble beginnings of a company. Infusing emotions works well with humans. They bond. When you tell them the story of your brand, it builds their trust.
  2. Define your customers. They should visualise themselves in your images. While recommending a product, the customer should know you are speaking to them. Your product descriptions should involve them.
  3. Engage with your customers on social media.
  4. Optimising the website is not an option. The fonts, colours, and imagery speak for your brand and hence should be consistent. Every page on the website must exhibit your brand. Keep the message and mood uniform.

By hiring content writing agencies in India, you can easily fuse the essentials.

SEO rich content

Writing articles with certain keywords is SEO. Seasoned content writers know how to place them strategically. Because of their rich experience and vast knowledge, they too can recommend anchor texts and insert internal /external links.

Get multiple services at a fixed price

content writing agencies in India also check plagiarism, use editing tools, and run quality check tools before presenting. These additional services may not require payment, and the content writing agencies in India bear the cost. However, you must check before hiring.

There are other benefits too, but these are the prominent ones. Dismissing them would not be a good idea, as outsourcing content creation can save enough time to focus on other strategies.

Experts can accomplish more, given the rich experience and specialised knowledge, within a timeframe.

Now we arrive at the fundamental question.

What kind of content writing services In India would businesses require?

Since there are many content types, you must decide based on your needs. Every online business needs appealing content to retain customers and subscribers.

The purpose of each content format is different, so go through this post and determine which will work out.

Technical writing

Technical writing is very vast, and it requires specialization to arrive at the perfect copy. Topics can range from science to computers, artificial intelligence to automobiles.

Keeping in mind that the reader is a novice while writing is vital. Writers must present technical information less intricately.

If your business requires content related to technical subjects, be sure to hire a technical writer.

SEO article writing

If you want your content to rank on top of Google, then you must hire an SEO writer. An SEO writer has a deep understanding of keyword density. The keyword usage for every 500 words should be 2% -3%, keeping in mind that we must use them strategically and not look unnatural.

When content is keyword rich, it can rank on SERPs.

Instructional design

The job of instructional designers is to make learning easy and fun. These writers help learners gain knowledge by identifying their needs, then creating instructional material and storyboards. This creation process takes much time, effort, and expertise.

Press release

How do you plan on spreading the word about your new products and services? While launching new products/services, what do you do to make people aware of them?

Well, a press release is the best option. Because everyone is internet savvy these days, it is best to release on a digital platform. Publishing it online helps you connect with your audience and gets more visitors who use the links.

In online marketing, a press release helps in :

  • Informing about an event,
  • Informing about a business, and
  • Product and service promotion


A ghostwriter writes articles for others and allows them to use their names. In business, you need writers offering their writing services when you don’t have enough time, skills, and knowledge when creating content.

Despite their payment, ghostwriters cannot own any copyright over the work they produce.


The idea is to get backlinks for your business by publishing articles on reputed websites

The guest writer gets credit and can post his links in the articles. These backlinks will generate followers.

Professional business writing

Poorly written articles with non-informative content can kill your brand. It’s all about convincing people why they should choose you. Add voice to your brand by hiring copywriters.

Digital marketing needs professional writers too for emails, reports, memorandums or product descriptions.

These write-ups should be easy to understand and persuasive because effective conversions are what we focus on.

Social media writer

You can develop relationships with your clients through social media and also attract others. You can advertise your business on this platform. Determine the business goals before promoting your products and services on social media.

Your content reflects your business, so keep your content error-free. There must be no grammatical and punctuation errors.

Identify your business content needs and hire the perfect writer.


Hiring content writing agencies in India is a must. Because there is a constant exposure to different media channels and thousands of brands blaring, our audience cannot define loyalty. Most of the time, they act blind and deaf to our endeavour. Brand loyalty and cult creation is understated.

There are cues all around, but rapport-building with your prospective customer materialises once you define who and what your customer wants. There is a medley of ideas and brand associations in the minds of people.

How do we streamline those ideas? How to fashion them and hook them on to a brand? Millennials makeup 30% of our population and catching their attention is a task.

We have to find our audience first by micro-segmenting them. Create personalized and relevant content while keeping their behavioral preferences in mind.

Build a brand presence around. Tap into social media and dive into the competition by communicating with your followers.

Use influencer marketing. Rope in trusted and genuine influencers, not only as a marketing tactic but to build trust.

If you cannot communicate clearly, you will confuse and lose your target audience. Content creators are experts. They observe and learn what the crowd wants. They can ideate, strategize and develop content within the stipulated time.

I believe you can save a lot of time and effort by outsourcing content writing. Researching, brainstorming and ideation call for experiments. Do you have such resources?

Specialists like content creators have foolproof techniques and employing them cannot be a mistake.  

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Q1. Why is a content writing agency required in India?

Ans. These content writing agencies in India are required to create quality content for your website. They ensure error-free and professional content.

Q2. How much do content writing agencies charge?

Ans. It depends on the content format. It starts with INR 1 to anywhere about INR 5 per word. But if it is research-based, then the base price increases by 70% to 80%.

Q3. Name the 3 top content writing agencies in India?

Ans. The 3 top contenders are WriteRight, Estorytellers, and ContentWhale.

Q4. Is SEO writing an expense?

Ans. Yes, SEO writing is expensive as it is time-consuming and requires resources to run campaigns.

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