Henry Harvin is an educational institution offering the best educational training courses so that students can build an academically strong profile and outshine in their careers. I have taken up several certification training courses from this institution and every experience has been fruitful. During the lockdown in my city, I had a lot of free time and I wanted to spend it doing something useful that would be helpful in my career. 

As data analytics is the  most trendiest domain in today’s world, I thought of diving deeper into this domain for testing my skills and abilities. After looking at a number of courses offered, I decided to enroll in Marketing Analytics Training with R. I am from a computer science background but I also have a basic knowledge about commerce and marketing as these were my major subjects in high school. I was excited to start the course and learn something new. 

The concepts taught during the course were completely new and different from what I learnt in college. Our trainer, Mr. Jagdish was extremely talented and possessed in-depth knowledge about data science and analytics. He taught us the advanced concepts in excel that were easy to grasp and retain in memory.  Because of his teaching, I was able to crack the final assessment and earn the certification. 

I feel lucky to be a part of such a training course that is both affordable and student-friendly. The CMAP certification is undoubtedly a valuable addition to my resume and my overall educational qualifications. Thanks a lot to the team!

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