The Financial Analytics with Python course from Henry Harvin has helped me in a big way. Just a few months back I got a job in the banking sector. And I want to learn the Financial Analytics skill so that it would be more helpful for progress in my profession and also to perform better for my job role.   


Python language is the popular language used in the finance service industry. And this course makes you proficient in using the python language to analyze and solve business problems. The course will give you deep insight into the industry best practices that are used for data measurement and analysis. It provides practical experience by giving training on working on practical projects.


The curriculum of the course is focused and is divided into 11 modules. Trainer of the course not only provides quality education but also makes the learner industry-ready. Trainers are experienced and give the best knowledge about the practical approaches to meet the challenges of the industry.

Trainers provide knowledge about using digital tools that are highly useful in the Financial Analytics domain. The course is affordable and however, it is of short duration but gives a detailed understanding of the concept. The course will help you understand the techniques of making financial decisions to increase company ROI.

So, my purpose of joining this course is achieved. And it was my right decision to join the training program to gain knowledge about this in-demand skill. After the course completion certification of ‘Certified Python Financial Analyst’ is provided by the institute.


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