After completing my graduation in Maths. I joined the Financial Analytics with Python course from Henry Harvin. This course helps me in enhancing my analytics skill. The Financial Analytics course from Henry Harvin will give you the knowledge of making a decision that will be helpful for the progress of the businesses and the companies.


As Financial analytics skill is in high demand in today’s job market. And knowledge of the Python language is of much value in the finance sector. The Financial Analytics with Python course will help to communicate Business Objectives in a focused manner. It will give in-depth knowledge about the theoretical concept in its 32-hour training duration. And also gives practical experience by giving the opportunity to work on different projects.


I was searching for a job after my graduation but haven’t found any good options. I then came to know about Financial Analytics with Python course from Henry Harvin. And its learning benefits. The course is of 32-hrs duration and also provides 50hrs E-learning Access. After completion of the course, monthly Bootcamp sessions are also included.


The trainers of the institute are experienced professionals and make the learner equipped with the knowledge of Analytics tools such as Python and Advanced. And the course will make you familiar with how to make data-driven decisions to increase the market share.


Enrolling in this course has helped me immensely in giving a proper direction to my career. With the job support provided by the institute, I am getting good career opportunities for which I am much thankful to the Henry Harvin Institute.


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