I am the Lead Analyst at Ocwen with 13 years of work experience. This is a Henry Harvin Education Review of my course.

  • What I had loved about the course ?
    • The course was taught to me in great details, with relevant practical and theoretical examples; this helped in understanding the concepts better.
    • My trainer was a qualified expert in the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt field, and he taught me in a very reliable manner with appropriate job-related examples.
  • How the course helped me in my career ?
    • Henry Harvin’s course content was excellent, and it helped me in the practical aspects of my work.
    • As stated by various other Henry Harvin Six Sigma reviews, I was able to gain experience by working in one full project and in twelve intermediary projects over one full year.   
  • Why I had chosen Henry Harvin for my Six Sigma training ? 
    • I wanted to gain training regarding Lean Six Sigma tools and its techniques. Various Henry Harvin Reviews had revealed the course’s pocket-friendly structure. So I had chosen the institution.
    • The institution had the facility of availing flexible and convenient class timing and options.


“I would recommend Henry Harvin to everyone.”


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