I was working as MR in a  MNC and I was not surprised by the fact that I had to grow more and more in the company for a promotion just because we colleagues were all competitors to the race of getting a promotion and there was none other better way to do it with knowledge of specialization and so I researched and I found out the name of HENRY HARVIN  at the top and it was not surprising for me when got enrolled in the course of CSSE-GB+CMAP  ( SIGMA LEAN AND MARKETING ANALYTICS ) I thank the day I chose that course as I stand on this job with the excellence of my promotion , and I can undoubtedly give this credit to HENRY HARVIN .

The SPECIALLY CREATED ENVIRONMENT and the best knowledge of basic concepts of marketing analytical concepts make it the best institute since I have left my college till now as I have never seen such a good way of teaching and such a good environment anywhere and it doesn’t stop here as I had a job but those who didn’t, then they provide them job opportunities and internships which I don’t think another institution does.

HENRY HARVIN provides a great number of perspective that helps a students with his career and helps it to get to depths of what he/she can pursue without any pressure , the E-LEARNING AND 500+HOURS of video modules really helps a lot in gaining the perfect knowledge that is required to grow in the course substantially and it also gives a great experience to analyses different situation of SIGMA LEAN and MARKET conditions HENRY HARVIN show a great attitude towards a student career and they help it to shape with the other students as well .

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