After my graduation degree, I was searching for a teacher training course. As the English language was my subject of interest during my graduation. So, I was looking for a career option that will be more focused on English language skills. As that will give me the opportunity to gain comprehensive knowledge about the subject and to share that learning with others.

 One of my friends told me about the Post Graduate Program in TEFL from Henry Harvin Institute. I searched about the course on the internet and found it perfect and according to my requirements. The TEFL course is accredited by AAEFL.            

 The course duration is 300-hours. It has been designed for aspiring as well as experienced teachers who are passionate about teaching and wish to have a detailed and in-depth understanding of the subject.

  Trainers are experienced and are recognized for their work by numerous organizations. While giving knowledge about the Learning cycle and stages of learning they also focus on developing skills for practical approaches to teaching language.

 After completing the Post Graduate program in TEFL from Henry Harvin a certificate is provided which will distinguish your profile from your fellow mates. It will give you a wide range of opportunities in a worldwide demanding specialization.

 The best part is that with this career you have the opportunity to travel to different countries. And I am on the path of making my dream come true as the globally accepted certification from Henry Harvin helps in visa clearance and other document processing if want to work in a foreign country. I am very thankful to the institute for making my TEFL career.


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