I completed my 120-hr TEFL course from Henry Harvin Institute sometime before. The course helps me to gain valuable insights into the methods of teaching. It was a highly beneficial training course for me. This has given me the right direction in my career. Now to gain specialized knowledge in the subject I join the Postgraduate program in TEFL.

The Post Graduate Program in TEFL gives industry experience of training to the students. To gain mastery in the selected path. I joined this program. This program is specially designed for all those professionals who want to gain advanced knowledge in the field of TEFL.

The training gives the hands-on experience of working on different projects in Business English Teaching, Young Learner’s Teacher, and more. The course will help you to gain knowledge about classroom management. I registered for the 300 hours of Live Online Interactive session. The curriculum of the course is systematically arranged and is of international standard.

The trainer is a domain expert and trains you to work efficiently and productively. The course will give you knowledge about classroom management. The teaching which I gained from the Post Graduate Program in TEFL, trains me to be a more skilled professional.  

The previous learning experience from the TEFL course helps me to understand the units of the PG TEFL program easily.Within a few months after completion of the course from the placement assistance of Henry Harvin Institute, I started getting a wide range of career opportunities and finally got a TEFL teacher job in a reputed language school.


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