I graduated recently and wanted to start my career, but for a good start, it was essential to have a good skill to overpower other participants in the line. So, I chose to do the HR Generalist course. I am currently doing this certification course from Henry Harvin virtually. So far, it had been an ideal training session for me which stood on my expectation of the course. All the modules were prepared and presented in a systematic way. The course began with different compliances and then took us through different aspects of Human resource management by topics like organisational development, relationship management, etc.

By now, I have realized that the knowledge which I have gained and which I would gain in the near future would be sufficient enough to make me stand out of the crowd. It has been an amazing experience with the trainers and the batchmates to study this course together. It is 40 hours of live sessions with internship assistance after the training and regular bootcamp sessions over 12 months adds essence to the course curriculum. The assignments are also given in a systematic manner and the trainers give individual mentorship after assessments to give valuable feedback. They probably conduct assignments and tests to prepare us for the after-training days. My training has been going well from the start. They made me realise my true potential and I am truly thankful!

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