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 I did not know that a dedicated Business Analysis course is available online. My work profile in my company included a task to locate the best opportunity to expand our business. An adventurous job for young people, they work for the best results. I continued to work in that same job profile without actually knowing the name used for it. Over the period, I achieved good results for my company, and I had developed a good understanding of the analysis of a business.

Gradually business analysis became my niche, but something was missing to call my career complete. The Business Analysis course by Henry Harvin taught me two important lessons. Firstly, it gave a name to my profile, a Business Analyst. Secondly, the business analysis course taught me the technicalities and responsibilities of a Business Analyst.

Well, I must say that the Business Analysis course came as a turning point in my career. It has done a miracle to my executive career. Now I am enjoying my work being a certified Business Analyst with pro skills. The business analysis course has integrated software learning classes a bonus session to enhance your career. I would list the benefits from the business analysis course into two points.

Ø Lifetime Access: The business analysis course offered lifetime access to the e-study material, videos from the online sessions, tools, and software used during the online training. I have referred to the e-study material to clear doubts whatever I face in my daily work.

Ø Internship: I did a few months’ internships despite being an experienced candidate. Internships make you experience the first-hand flaws and issues that come while working as a business analyst.

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