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The business analysis course turned me into an entrepreneur. I quit my job as a business development executive in Mumbai. After working for five years in various spheres, I developed the skill of locating a business opportunity and investing in it to make it a profitable venture. 

My inner instinct had always been to start my venture sometime. As far I know, most people ride on this instinct to start their business. A few become successful, and a few don’t even try out the fear of failure. I consider myself lucky because I enrolled in the Business Analysis course at the right time.

 I joined Henry Harvin to study the Business Analysis course. The trainers were experts and highly qualified in business analysis. They took classes over a designated online channel. Apart from teaching the syllabus, our mentors shared their industry experiences.

Before commencing the business analysis course, I was weak in coding. I did not have a basic understanding of software and its functionality. As experts say, having a basic idea of programming is beneficial in learning the business analysis course. My mentor did an exceptional job in making a coder. He even taught me how to design a few templates for a business. I would suggest the Business Analysis Course only for two reasons that are as follow.

·        Live Projects: The business Analysis course provided hands-on live projects that have changed my understanding of business analysis. You would work on projects and learn about your mistakes there only. Live projects give you challenges that are untouched by the theory. 

·        Student Support System: The Business Analysis course had dedicated doubt clearing sessions. Students can access them at any time. Some ex-students too joined the sessions to clear live doubts. 

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