Henry Harvin and its SAP HANA course is elaborative, rigorous, and has the potential to bring the most amount of learning and development in oneself and the institution the person chooses to work for. This is the only course I would turn to as one of my teachers recommended it. The course provides exclusive access to Training, Projects, Internships, Placement, E-Learning resources, Bootcamp sessions to brush up your knowledge each month for up to a year after completion of the course, and a Gold Membership. This made the price i was paying totally worth it and completely justified. 

SAP HANA is the Latest Business Suite Software. It incorporates various components like SAP HANA, SAP HANA DATABASE, SAP SLT, Replication Server, Sybase Replication, and Direct Connection. SAP HANA has a remarkable speed and access to real-time data. The course is divided into several modules that cover topics like SAP HANA Interfaces to BI Client Tools, Preparing HANA installation parameters, Data backup and recovery concept, SAP HANA Security,  SAP HANA Data Provisioning Monitoring and Troubleshooting in SAP HANA, Software Lifecycle Management, and many more. Additionally, complementary modules are provided that cover soft skill development and Resume Writing. 

The certification given by them is recognized by many reputed institutions and corporates around the world and it has the ability to land you good jobs or grow deeper in your existing ones. The certificate received is also sharable across social media and is a valuable asset in your arsenal of achievements. 

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