I work in a finance firm. I wanted to learn the skill of a Chartered Financial Analyst to make progress in my job role. For gaining comprehensive insight into this field I joined the CFA course from Henry Harvin Institute. The Knowledge provided through the CFA course will help in making fundamental analyses based on the financial analysis of the firm.

 Knowledge of CFA would provide the essential approach to the valuation of a company for trading in the stock market. This course will equip the candidate with detailed knowledge and skills in Financial and Investment Management. The Institute provides the certificate issued by the CFA Institute in the USA.

The CFA course gives the learner a path of career advancement and stability. The course will acquaint you with the concepts and techniques used in financial analysis. The course will give you an understanding of stakeholder management techniques.

The course curriculum is well designed. And the CFA course from Henry Harvin will give value to my profile with their certification program. The curriculum covers important topics as Quantitative methods, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Corporate Finance, Equity investments, etc. The CFA course consists of three levels. All three levels should be cleared to get the valuable CFA certification.

 After the course completion for gaining practical experience, internship assistance is provided. With the valuable knowledge about the theoretical concept trainers also provide practical experience by making the learners work on a different project.

I am delighted that I joined this course. It has equipped me with the ability and knowledge to perform the Financial Statement Analysis according to the Financial reporting standards.


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