I am employed in an IT company. As data science is one of the demanding skills in this sector. I want to learn this skill to grow and stay ahead of the competition in the job market. One of my friend’s recommendations about the Python for Data Science course from Henry Harvin. I check the details about it and find it perfect for my purpose of joining it.

The course gives you a complete understanding of Python and Data Science and machine learning skills. It will provide you with a detailed understanding of the Python Programming language which I want to learn for some time. And will give knowledge about how the Python language is useful in data science. Python is the most preferred programming language used by Data Scientists.

I enrolled in the online program. The course duration is 8-hours. With the online session access to the learning management system is provided which is very helpful, study material, recorded videos of the session and projects, etc. are given. The course trains the learners with the skills and techniques that are applied in the Data Science domain.

Trainer not only provides in-depth knowledge about the domain but also gives them hands-on experience by giving them the opportunity to work on practical projects. Trainers are subject matter experts and within the short duration of the course teach every related module of the syllabus perfectly. And with their encouragement and support, it becomes a great learning experience.

This course benefited me a lot. I mainly joined it to learn about applying Data science skills in my profession. And this has completely served my purpose of joining it. I can now confidently make use of the methods and techniques learned from this course. 


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