I dreamed to be a CA,so just after completing my 10 class, I took the commerce stream and took a first step towards my goal.But, the Covid-19 situation stopped my CA results and I was hanging between the results and confusion about what to do next. My parents suggested I look for online courses related to finance analysis.As it will help me to utilise my time and gain some fruitful knowledge.

After surfing for the business analytics Course, I came across this “Financial Analytics Course with SAS” by Henry Harvin. It was a great Course and I was pretty much sure that it could help me further on my career. I applied for this course and had an amazing experience.

This course was all about learning financial strategies using analytical tools like SAS.I learned  Analytics-Based Financial Decision making to drive Company’s ROI. I wasn’t sure that I could gain such a great and inclined learning methodology.Also,Taking Actionable better Data-Driven Decisions to increase market share was one of the crucial parts of this course. The mentors are very well experienced and have a thorough understanding of this course.

The certification of Financial analytics Course will help me get job opportunities globally. Also the internships provided by Henry Harvin will help you get practical knowledge about Financial analysis in a magnified way

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