If you are thinking of adding value to your career, Henry Harvin Education is one of the best institutes in the industry to offer professional training courses. 

  • Duration of course:
    • It’s a 7 days/28 hours Live online training session and certificate is given after an examination based on this training.
    • In addition, post completion too, you are given 12-months/24 hours live online action-oriented sessions.
    • Henry Harvin Six Sigma reviews also state that you can experience the way to handle related challenges concerned with your business.
  • Trainers
    • Industry experts with specialization in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification conduct the training and these talented practitioners bring valuable experience and help to attain success across various domains and industries.
    • They are empanelled with Henry Harvin Management Academy according to specialization in their subjects as per Henry Harvin Education reviews.
  • Course Content
    • The course is carefully designed with 8 modules and the aim was to impart knowledge on various tools and techniques so that the learner could take maximum benefit and could put to use while making important decisions from industry point of view.
    • It enables to understand the concept effectively and enables to make use of your learnings and put them to action practically.

The online lectures of six-sigma widened my skills and most of the terms met during the course were being implemented in our projects in the organization.

  • Training
    • Live Projects are carried out during the training tenure to develop experiential learning for the participants. The course uses a mix of techniques aligned to G.C.A.O. pedagogy and this enable participants to derive action-based outcome from the training.
    • We are able to engage ourselves throughout the training with presentations, group activities, brainstorming sessions and hands-on experience over both statistical and non-statistical tools.
    • Henry Harvin Education reviews states that the idea behind is to focus on value creation.
  • Method
    • The two methodologies of DMAIC and DMADV is widely used in manufacturing of a product and its delivery.
    • DMAIC is a data driven method (where D – Define, M – Measure, A – Analyse, I – Improve, C – Control) and is used to improve the existing products and services for effective customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, DMADV is used to design or even redesign the processes in manufacturing and delivery of the products (where D – Define, M – Measure, A – Analyse, D – Design, V – Validate).

  • My experience and take away
    • It was a great experience for me throughout the online sessions and the take away were:
    • Higher accountability towards business objectives 
    • Effective decision making
    • Exploring, analysing and solving management problems systematically, using the tools
    • Productivity increase leading to higher customer satisfaction
    • Resultant factors that lead to long cycle times affecting the project
    • Process streamline leading to quality concern thus improving efficiency

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Six Sigma methodologies can help in enhancing your career’s standard and credibility during your work period. I would recommend you could go for Henry Harvin Education’s Six Sigma Training, be it online or classroom. I look forward to implement this training culture of Henry Harvin in my day to day work responsibilities with the present company.