I have my retail business which is in full swing at present. Proper financial analysis about the businesses is much required to understand if it is achieving the financial target and making the proper finance plans for the future. Knowledge of this skill is required to track all revenues, payments, deposits, invoices, and business expense records. All this information and its proper analysis lead to a successful business.

Thus, I want to learn this skill to successfully manage the finance of my business. I was looking for some online courses option as with my busy schedule I can take up the online training program. Then I found the Financial Analytics course with Python from Henry Harvin to be the most appropriate one for which I was in search.

The course will make you eligible to take actionable Data-driven decisions to increase market share. You will understand the different aspects of Data collection. It will give you knowledge about developing goal-oriented business strategies. You will understand the skill of making analyses based on financial decisions to increase the company ROI. And most importantly it will help you to solve business problems using analytics tools like Python and Advanced.

The course is of a 32-hour duration and covers all the important modules related to the Financial Analytics domain. Trainers are industry professionals and have high experience of practicing their skills. Thus they understand best the areas where learners can face difficulties so they give more focus and attention to those areas to make them understand the concept properly.

I am glad that I joined this course. My purpose of joining this course was especially for the progress of my business. And the course has acquainted me with the essential knowledge needed to apply the learned skill.


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