I am a graduate of statistics. For some time I was searching for a job in my domain. But due to the covid-19 pandemic crisis, the job market has fallen instantaneously. So, getting a job was quite challenging.

Then one of my friends suggested to me Financial Analytics with Python course from Henry Harvin. I check for it and depending upon the reviews, recommendations, and learning benefits about the course. I decided to enroll in it and get the certification for Python Financial Analyst. This domain is in high demand in the job world. And also this will improve my CV and profile with a professional skill added.

I was a little bit unsure if I would be able to complete it successfully because of a lack of programming knowledge. But my training starts with the modules dedicated to learning about analytics tools like Python. Under the effective guidance of trainers, I gradually gained knowledge about the programming language and its proper application.

The Financial Analytics with Python course will help to communicate business objectives in a focused manner. And also trains you to evaluate better results of data analysis. It will make you eligible for analytics jobs positions in the organization. As this specialization is in high demand. Learning this skill will surely give progress in your career.

When I completed my course, I then enrolled in the internship opportunity provided by the institute to get the practical experience of working in industry roles. Within a few weeks after my training with their job opportunities I got a job in a reputable company. I am very grateful to the institute for its valuable guidance. 


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