Training with Henry Harvin was great. In January 2021, I received my certification in Marketing Analytics with Python from here online. The trainers were also amazing. We learned a lot from them and improved our analytical skills with the help of trainers. I completed the course with ease. Even though it was a 32-hour training session, it provided flexibility to us and we could learn it at our own pace. There were several pre-recorded sessions, different assignments, projects, bootcamp sessions, hackathons and many other things provided for the students.

In my opinion, the course units were taught in a very clear, structured manner and satisfied the purposes for which I joined Henry Harvin education centre. A Marketing Analytics Course with Python enables professionals to understand analytics-based marketing decisions and we were provided with the real-world training for this at Henry Harvin. The benefits of going to Henry Harvin for technical training are incalculable. One of the advantages is the preparation for interviews and resume writing training and also various job openings available after the training.

It was definitely helpful for the participants to gain confidence regarding their technical skills associated with marketing analytics due to the course curriculum. The institute provided such an incredible and valuable course, which was amazing.

Anyone looking for an amazingly efficient and technical specialist course online should definitely consider this course. It was a great training period and I recommend it to all interested parties. Henry Harvin, thank you so much.


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