I have always been fascinated by Artificial Intelligence and topics related to that. That resulted in my choosing the subject as my higher studies. Now being in the fourth year of my graduation, I have gathered immense knowledge about Big Data, Data Science, Robotics, and much other exciting stuff. But I felt like I was lacking some details and extra qualifications. 

These were highly important for me to achieve my goals and set my career. Henry Harvin has always been my first choice regarding online education. This time it provided me with a Post Graduate program in Data Science course. And goes without saying, the results were amazing!

 This time the resources offered were far more relatable and updated to match the industry-level requirements. My trainer was an extremely talented person with in-depth knowledge of the subject. She dealt with every candidate separately and her energy encouraged us to focus better. 

There were projects demonstrated to give us real-life experience. The live lecture sessions were interactive with everyone presenting their unique ideas. I was even more excited when the course offered an internship program for six months, which would definitely help me gain exposure.

Every student should give this course a try. It has been refined to perfectly suit everyone’s objectives. I would say that Henry Harvin and the whole team have done a great job. I am looking forward to taking part in more such courses to enhance my knowledge. Thank you Henry Harvin once again for proving yourself as the best!

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