I am a teacher working in an International school. From time to time, I have to find innovative ways to engage my students in the language. Since I did my schooling in State-run schools, I didn’t get much of a chance to pursue and master the language. In short, I was not confident in handling the language and it always weighed me down. But then I came across Henry Harvin‘s Business English Training course which truly was a Godsend to me. 

32 hours of online live classes covered all the features of Business English. Henry Harvin’s Business English Teacher training course benefitted me by giving me an idea of how to be creative in the field, which otherwise has not much room to improvise. Along with the speaking skills, I got guidance in writing too. The course curriculum, especially the need analysis, and course design segments helped me awfully in becoming a better teacher to my students. 

Henry Harvin Business English Teachers Training is regarded as the best in class Business English Teachers Training course in India. Originally, this course is designed for business purposes, but,  from my personal experience, I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to master the English language and understand it thoroughly. What else can we ask for if we get all the privileges at an optimal fees amount? If someone asks me about this course, I would say ‘Go for it without any hesitation.

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