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After I read a few experiences of scammers around the world, I became scared and sceptical about whether to do a scrum master course or not. From what I gathered from them was that even if you do a certificate course, you need at least 6 months experience in the domain. At the same time, I wanted to learn Scrum too. So, I started hunting for good scrum master courses when I stumbled upon Henry Harvin’s Certified Scrum Master training. The course curriculum looked promising. 

While getting the training, I realized that the experiences that people were talking about are because they didn’t get trained from a good institution. Henry Harvin Certified scrum Master course proved them wrong. My experience with Henry Harvin is on the superlative of the better side. Moreover, after the completion of the course, the Internship gave me the necessary experience to be a master in the Scrum program. 

Actually, the most alluring feature is 100% job assistance. Every week they post the job opportunities from which we can choose and apply. This course not only earned a certificate for me but also gave me the confidence in investing myself in Scrum techniques. The hands-on experience from live projects and simulations was fascinating. All the necessary skills were instilled in me during the 24-hour live training. Thanks to the Henry Harvin certificate Scrum Master course that increased my potential job opportunities three-fold.

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