I was looking for some cutting-edge training courses in Scrum. My criteria was a good course that offers me theoretical and practical knowledge both from the same course. I found both in the Henry Harvin Certified Scrum Master Training course. The enrollment was rather easy. After getting registered, they guide us through all the way till completion. For reference, they have genuine testimonials and reviews on their home page. 

The course is constantly getting updated as we were taught all the latest scrum techniques. The thing I liked most was that the recorded classes can be accessed at any time. As there were textbooks and notes involved, I was not sure that I’ll be able to comprehend the class properly. But from the first day of my training itself, I started feeling comfortable without any hardcopy version. All the hard skills like servant leadership, technical skills, as well as soft skills like empathy, conflict resolution, adaptation were also covered during the training. 

The scientific approach was taken by the trainer that made us go through this otherwise tough course, like a cakewalk. I learned almost everything about Scrum through Henry Harvin’s Certified Scrum Master Training. With enhanced knowledge from awesome trainers and a very valuable certificate earned from Henry Harvin, I am looking forward to becoming a great Scrum Master. I would totally recommend this course to anyone who wants to master the Scrum techniques.

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