I live in Bengaluru and here the COVID-19 has hit hard. People have been under complete lockdown for months. Having completed my 12th board examinations, I had nothing to do for the time period. Colleges were also taking classes online, which gave me a lot of leisure time. One day my father came across this AI in Finance course from Henry Harvin. So my father saw it as a golden opportunity to get me exposed to this field of study.

It was not an easy course, I got introduced to so many new concepts, terminologies and methods. There were so many students and it was new for all of us. Our trainer made it very interesting and gradually I started enjoying the course. They referred some reading material and also gave us assignments to do in the class and also during the weekdays. Though the program was just an introduction, it helped us gather insights about the actual scene. 

I would like to add that this program is like a feather on the hat. It will make your resume stand out from the crowd. Friends do give this a try, it will definitely boost your confidence.

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