I am currently studying in class 10. The present scenario is a picture of uncertainty and unrest. The examinations are being postponed several times leaving the students in confusion. I decided to get myself into something productive. And I found the perfect course from Henry Harvin to my rescue, AI in Finance. Since I had already decided to pursue commerce after my 10th, this program was a booster to my decision.

It suited my time table accurately and I was able to manage my studies along with the course. I consulted with my parents and they got me enrolled on this course so that I get a glimpse of the tough management-related subjects. The course has been appropriately developed to suit the needs of teenage minds and to channelise their thought process productively so that they are prepared to accept the challenges of the financial problems and make it a perfect learning experience for them.

Not only did the course provide excellent trainers, it also had real life projects and internships. A valuable certificate was awarded which will be an additional star on my resume. I would definitely recommend all my friends to apply for this course at Henry Harvin to enhance their career prospects.

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