I had failed my 12th examinations and everyone at home was cross with me. They wanted me to get married. This was when my uncle came to visit us. He was working as a content writer in an MNC.

When he heard about me, he requested my father to get me admitted to Henry Harvin institute to do a course and assured that they would place me at the end of the course. He also showed my father the 7 QC tools training reviews that were given out by Henry Harvin. My father declined to pay the fees for the course. Finally, my mother requested my uncle to pay the fees.

My uncle paid for the course. I did a course in 7 QC tools training from Henry Harvin institute. At the end of three months, they offered me a job. They were gracious enough to accept me to be one of their interns. At the end of this course; the institute offered me the job of a trainer.

I was to train students in 7 QC tools training. I was overjoyed. I gave my family a grand party after getting the offer letter for the job. They were surprised at my success. 

Henry Harvin offered me a stipend for the initial period of six months, post which they accepted me as a full-fledged tutor. Henry Harvin had virtually overturned my life. From a failed student, I was now a successful professor working for Henry Harvin institute.

My parents were also happy that I had made my life. I could not forget the fact that Henry Harvin had supported me in my time of need and I would forever be grateful to the management. I would also refer everybody who wants to do a course on 7 QC tools training to Henry Harvin.

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