I am a commerce graduate from Pune University. I wanted to do my MBA from a Mumbai college. However, the financial condition of my family was not good when I graduated. Therefore, I decided to take up a job, accumulate money for further studies and then take up a part-time MBA course to do along with my job. However, I was advised otherwise by my friend.

He suggested that I read about SMED course certification reviews from Henry Harvin. I followed his advice and took up a course as suggested. I cleared my certification exam in Henry Harvin with flying colors so much so that I got a job in my dream company.

Once I started working, I realized that my job required a lot of writing. I was not very good at writing. So I decided to pick up a certification in digital content writing from Henry Harvin. I went back to them because my first experience with them when I was doing my SMED course certification was good.

I completed my course at Henry Harvin once again and got my certificate. I was overjoyed. Now I asked my boss for a raise. I got a nominal raise. However, I was elevated in terms of position. My responsibilities were increased because I had two killer qualifications from Henry Harvin Institute.

It so happened that my immediate boss had also done a course in teen MBA from Henry Harvin institute so he favoured that institute very much. However, he could not give me a raise earlier was because the company was not doing too well.

Now, he raised my salary monetarily because he had seen me perform additional responsibilities that were given to me. Therefore he raised my salary by 1.5 times. This was the effect of two qualifications from Henry Harvin. I would definitely recommend anyone to do a course from Henry Harvin if they want a raise.

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