Last year I completed my MBA from a reputed organisation in Pune and then joined a company where I was made in charge of the supply chain. I also did a course on supply chain management to augment my knowledge. But then I felt the need to go for a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification as it was mandated by my organization. I looked up the course on the internet and found a very interesting combination of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt + RPA Course.

As both the courses focus on increasing efficiency and reducing defects I thought it would be a wise decision to go for this certification. My course coordinator guided me through the enrolment process and I was given access to LMS which had all the study materials and would have the recorded videos of all the online lessons. Both the courses were made very interesting by the mentors who were experts in their respective fields. I  got to know interesting concepts like-process mapping, statistical process control, user events, data scraping etc. We learnt to use R and Python.

Though these are very advanced concepts of artificial intelligence we were properly guided to use them. Not only that the live industry-related examples and relevant case studies made the course even more interesting and the 60 hours of online class went past in a jiffy. This course is not only suitable for people from software or financial background but anyone involved in administration, process excellence, inventory management, supply chain management etc. Lean is the latest concept and we need to make ourselves updated of all the industry trends to fill up the gaps in high paying jobs. 

 Henry Harvin also provides interview and job assistance. So I would recommend this Lean Six Sigma Green Belt plus RPA certification to all the young and experienced professionals wanting to make a mark for themselves.

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