I am a working professional at a manufacturing company in Chandigarh. I had already done my lean practitioner and six sigma courses from Henry Harvin before joining here. Then one day my colleague mentioned that there was a 5S certification course that delves deeper into the lean tools. Since the lockdown allowed us to work from home, I had time to indulge myself into these courses to gain more knowledge and expand my knowledge of the basic components of the green belt of Six Sigma and Lean. So after reading some reviews of the ex-students, I finally enrolled myself into this course.


          To begin with, the interactive live lecture sessions were extremely resourceful. Every hour taught me new concepts and uplifted my confidence level step by step. The learning process became more interesting with the practical demonstrations and all the assignments that we had to work out ourselves. The instructor was an expert in his field and unveiled various tricks and techniques, which were supposed to help us in the industrial arena. The way the course is designed, processes to be followed to complete the course and everything makes sense. To mark our efficiency, the course provided a certificate that was an industry acclaimed 5S certified credential. 

            The certificate that I earned from this course has opened various lucrative job opportunities. I am now getting better chances and higher level firms are asking me to apply. Without my instructor and his tricks and techniques I would never have been able to reach this height. Also the information in this course is relevant to organizations and keeping customer satisfaction and performance in mind. I enjoyed the learning and plan to continue. Thanks Henry Harvin!

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