This is my third year at college. Within a year’s time I would be required to apply at various companies and prove my worth. I would not say that I don’t have talents or don’t excel at certain areas. But that much is not enough in this period of time. So everyone has already taken various courses and started gaining knowledge worthy of industrial development. I, myself, had already done the Lean Practitioner and Six Sigma course during the summers. To follow with the lean tools, I registered for this 5S certification course from Henry Harvin. I must say that I am impressed with its delivery!


       Though this course is termed as a continuation to the Six Sigma and Lean, it has its own concepts to be understood and practiced. The skills that were being taught by the expert during the lecture sessions will help improve business processes and performance. I paid full attention to each hour of the course and noted even the most minute detail mentioned by my instructor. It was a very enriching experience since I got to know how vast my field can expand and how I can expand myself to cope with the latest trends. On fairing in that, I was even awarded the globally acclaimed certificate which will definitely open new doors for me in the future. 


           Without any doubt, this course acted as a booster to my confidence and definitely helped me pick up on the latest tools and techniques required to flatten any project. Now I know how to transform my workspace into a clean, organized and highly functional place.