• About The Course
    • I completed my 120 hours long online certified TEFL course in the last week of December 2019 from Henry Harvin.
    • Soon after the course end examination, I got my certification, followed by offers as an ESL teacher.

  • Why Henry Harvin?
    • Many foreign institutions offer online TEFL courses, but I being an Indian, wanted to trust an institution with a branch here in India. I decided on my final choice after much evaluation of all the positive Henry Harvin TEFL reviews.
    • The best institution offering an American Association of EFL accredited course of Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Delhi is Henry Harvin Education.

  • Experience at Henry Harvin
    • Firstly the people at Henry Harvin’s customer service deserve mention, for I was very pleased with their prompt and polite service.
    • And the agents at Henry Harvin do not believe in spamming, which is one of their best features as an institute. 

Now I’ll present the Henry Harvin TEFL course review. The course is affordable and time-efficient. Along with that, the curriculum of the course that Henry Harvin Education offers is well structured and beneficial on a global level.

The trainers at Henry Harvin were domain experts who maintained the flow of the course very smoothly, which as a learner, I felt comfortable to follow. 

The rankings by Trainings 360 India of the top 10 institutes for certified TEFL course claim Henry Harvin as the best among others, and after my experience with Henry Harvin, I couldn’t agree more.


Henry Harvin Review of the Curriculum:

I don’t know much about the standard of education other institutions provide. Still, in my Henry Harvin review, I will say that they proved to be outstanding at teaching the international standard TEFL course with the utmost professionalism.

Along the course, I gained more confidence in my vocabulary and facing an audience. Now I can realize errors people often make while delivering content. I, too, developed a mindset to gain an insight into the learners’ or students’ psychology. 

Most importantly, while being a teacher, one can face several challenges or unexpected problems, but thanks to Henry Harvin, I have enough practice to think out of the box to find a solution.

Henry Harvin TEFL Review of Certification

The certification that Henry Harvin provides is accredited by AAEFL, which holds a prestigious value all over the world. This certificate guarantees 100% interview opportunities and more than twelve hundred job opportunities in 6 or more countries. There is a rising demand for ESL teachers in Asian countries like China with a sizable salary. This certification also ensures easy VISA clearance as an ESL teacher.


As a student and as well as a teacher, I would recommend the TEFL course of Henry Harvin to everyone. The certified TEFL course of Henry Harvin is very beneficial for those who wish to become an ESL professional teacher. And other than TEFL, Henry Harvin also provides many different technical courses, which are very much in demand. As an institution, Henry Harvin’s excellent contribution is worthy of appreciation. 

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