I’m writing this review with my 100% authentic opinion. I believe I must share my tangible experience at Henry Harvin Education Content Writing training program. 

Being in my early 50s, I am no more competent to continue my prior job. I am a retired teacher based in North Delhi. I joined this course to work as a freelance writer to earn subsisting at home as the age factor has brought many health issues to me due to which I can not take the daily workload of my job. 

  • How I get acquainted with Henry Harvin?

I heard about the Henry Harvin Education from one of my close family links based in Mumbai. I googled about the institute and came to know that Henry Harvin Education is the highly-rated organization that caters both online and offline training programs for more than 20 certification courses such as:

    • Content writing
    • Accounting and Taxation.
    • Agile Project Management.
    • Business Analytics with Python.
    • Business Analytics with R.
    • Content Writing.
    • Data Visualization.
    • Digital Marketing and many more

Being impressed with Henry Harvin’s prominence, I called them up and asked their consultant which course should I go for.

Based on my professional background and concern to improve my writing skills, the person over the call, from Henry Harvin Education, recommended me to go with their content writing course

  • What I experienced after joining?
    • I took online classes. I’m really satisfied with the entire delivery of the program. 
    • Their content writing course has 6 modules that progress from working on basic language skills: grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary. 
    • The trainer was highly capable of delivering the best of his experience and knowledge of the subject.
    • I have also learned the tips and techniques about various kinds of writing such as Academic Writing, Ghostwriting, Thesis Writing, Blog Writing, Technical Writing, Newsletter Writing, Whitepaper Writing, and so on. 
    • The online session, just like classroom sessions, was also interactive enough to learn and enjoy simultaneously. 
    • The training also prepared me with a way to monetize my writing proficiency. 
    • The teaching methodology is great. Even with no prior knowledge about writing, I am aspiring to be a proficient technical writer as well as a proofreader today.

My Batch Image

  • My verdict based on my learning from CDCW course
    • I am 100% satisfied with Henry Harvin Education’s certification program. 
    • The study material is also very informative. 
    • The students have free access to various resources and study sessions through LMS.  
    • Regular brush-up sessions are organized to let students remind and recap the syllabus if, in case, they missed something. 
    • The best part about Henry Harvin’s content writing course is that I developed awareness about using various software. 
    • This is certainly a true value for our hard-earned money. 
    • Today, I am a certified digital content writer and have been enjoying my freelancing work supported and assisted by the institute itself. 
    • My expectations from Henry Harvin are paying me quite handsome money without being bound to an 8 to 3 job. I can work as per my convenience now.   

I would recommend this course to all those who want to enhance their writing skills and monetize them as well. 


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