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Following my graduation, I searched for jobs for improving my confidence and to face the corporate world, but because I had no experience and no specific skills in any other sector, I did not get any job, and many recruiters stated that I should improve my soft skills. I talked to my brother about it and he suggested I join the HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION institute to learn a technical course called SAP IBP, which is in high demand in every field.

The first day I attended its lectures after enrolling in HENRY HARVIN, I learned how to handle the relationship manager. The classroom was fully equipped with the necessary materials, and the mentors were the best industrial experience holders I have ever met. 

HENRY HARVIN sets a standard of excellence by providing education within everyone’s reach. With Henry Harvin tutor’s SAP IBP course, I had an amazing opportunity to further my career, and the knowledge I gained from this course is still helping me in my career today.

They were amiable and professional at the same time, informing us about many topics within the module and after every class, informing us to practice using the SAP tools.

Case studies given to us as a task and for a better understanding of SAP were very unique and, apart from that, they required us to be very practical. In the six months that I spent interning with HENRY HARVIN, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of SAP.  

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