I always had a keen interest in pathology and physics which made ideal grounds for me to choose Henry Harvin Education and its Medical Laboratory Technician Course. It came as a great learning and cv building opportunity for me and I would be foolish if I hadn’t grabbed it.

With classes commencing virtually every week you may choose to take the program at your convenience throughout the year. The certification is credible and accredited by many notable national and international institutions which benefit your chances of receiving a job significantly.  The alumni base is strong with upwards of  3,00,000 graduates which call for great networking and opportunity hunting.

They also promise you a guaranteed internship, placement assistance, and Bootcamp sessions that are given to make sure that you retain everything that you learn. I really found the course to be very exciting, challenging, and informative at the same time. Some of the career benefits include Job Opportunities Abroad for demanding specializations,  Promotions in current profile with most in-demand skills, and many more.

The course also brings a lot of learning like  Patient Care, lab technology, and equipment, Medical tests & results, Pathology, and Diagnostic techniques, Biomedical Waste Management, Material Management, and Supply Chain Management,  Medical Laws and Ethics, Know Comprehensively about Cell, Tissue, Digestive System, Skeletal System, and more,  various Hematologic Disorders such as Anaemia, routine Testing in Laboratories, etc.

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