Whenever I think of a paramedical course I think of Henry Harvin Education and its elite paramedical academy. There are so many reasons to become an Operation Theater Technician, but the most significant is to help out and look out for others while sustaining and nurturing your love for Physics. 

The certification by them is credible and accredited by many notable national and international institutions which affect your chances of landing a well-paid and respected job significantly. Some of the career benefits of the Operation theatre technician course include Job Opportunities Abroad for demanding specializations,  Promotions in current profile with most in-demand skills, and many more.

The entire course is delivered over 12 months and the core and domain knowledge is segregated into 11 modules that covered topics like Revised anatomy and physiology, Medical Terminology, Infection control, biomedical waste management, Anesthesia, and Operative Drugs, Basics of operation Theatre, and many more. Two additional complimentary modules are also provided that cover topics like, soft skill development and resume writing.

I found so many benefits from the course; here are a few that I found to be really interesting roles and responsibilities of an OT Technician,  Detailed reporting and Documentation, the importance of nursing care and management,  importance and working of the bodies like NABH.  The course was very informative, technical, and even though at times it covered all the aspects required for the job.

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