Learning technical skills from Henry Harvin was a great experience. After my training from this organization virtually in December 2020, I successfully received my certification in a Machine Learning course using Python. It was an astounding experience, both with the instructors and with the administration. Their depth of knowledge in their topics was evident, they completed the entire course well ahead of schedule and provided us with many assignments to gain real-world experience dealing with projects. Additionally, the course components were designed in a precise manner and met the purpose of the Python training.

Henry Harvin offers technical courses with tremendous benefits as a result of their training. They offer 32 hours of industry-targeted training plus 24 hours of brush-up sessions and 50 hours of live online classroom sessions along with internships at their institute and placement guarantees for all graduates leading to a good job.

A variety of advanced tools and technologies were utilized in the classroom, along with recorded video sessions, assessments, projects, bootcamps, and hackathons. These were organized aiming to definitely be helpful for the participants to gain self-confidence about their technical skills. I am glad I had chosen to be a part of their institute.

Henry Harvin enabled me to make the best decision I made for my career, and I am grateful for his help. The Machine Learning with Python online course provided by this company is highly effective and very valuable.


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