My certificate course on Machine Learning using Python with Henry Harvin was recently completed. It was a 32 hours training class with 24 hours of brush up sessions and it was extremely valuable. The instructor was a subject matter expert with extensive knowledge and skills in this area. In the designated time frame, she taught everything perfectly and completed the course successfully. Her strategies aren’t only useful for our projects and assessments, but also for the organization we will work for. There was a prominent plan for the assessments to help participants gain confidence in themselves and their tasks. Well-organized modules were provided. Initially, the course introduced the basics of Python programming, Python data structures, linear regressions, clusters, etc. These topics were followed by topics related to optimization, migration to Python, data management, etc.

Training was facilitated by the trainers for all participants to benefit. Henry Harvin also provided us with two complementary modules, soft skills development and resume writing, which were included with most of their courses.

Live projects on machine learning using analytical tools like python and advanced excel made the course very efficient in itself. Participants were instructed to become industry-ready. I gained employment opportunities with various big firms after completing the course and was paid well. My experience with this online course has been extremely beneficial, and I’d recommend it to anyone who is uncertain about which machine learning course to take. Overall, a very positive experience. Henry Harvin, thank you once again.


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