Possessing a basic understanding of UNIX/LINUX I thought of pursuing AWS SOLUTIONS ARCHITECT COURSE. Due to Its very unique curriculum, its accessibility is quite tough. Then, I was suggested by one of my relatives to look for the HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION site. There I found the AWS solution architecture program, which is a professional course that teaches individuals to have hands-on experience in designing, developing and operating the system of AWS. I found the program very reliable and interesting.

The program of AWS SOLUTIONS ARCHITECTURE by Henry Harvin includes every sort of topic that is an essential requirement in this sector. The study materials which are offered also have a high range of adequacy as it includes every topic present in the curriculum of aws in a comprehensive manner. Also, the courses here are self-paced and consist of a brief -period which I think is agreeable for both working professionals and students. Even after the termination of my tenure, I was entitled to attending multiple lectures with their complimentary subscription provided for a year.

The E-Learning access facilitated offers multiple options for students to learn like hackathons, projects and recorded videos if one tends to miss lectures ever. The trainers hired here are individuals who are ambitious and who tirelessly direct the students to learn the programme full-fledged. You can seek any sort of help regarding the topic from them.

I had a very good impression of Henry Harvin as it stands to its commitment and now, I’m a working professional and grateful to have completed my training from here.

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